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EC3 vs XT60: Revealing the Ultimate Connector Winner!


In the heaven of connectors, EC3 and XT60 are the two popular names. But you only have the option to buy one type of connector. Which one should you go for? 

Of course, the best one! And you’ll only figure that out once you get to know the differences.

So, what does ec3 vs xt60 tell us?

Well, EC3 has bullet-styled pins whereas XT60 has cradled-style pins. Both of them differ in short burst capacity. EC3 can produce up to 75 amp whereas XT60 gives that till 90 amp. Pretty impressive, huh? Gladly, both of them have great connectivity but XT60 needs heat shrink insulation. 

Just like this, there are a lot of aspects you must know before buying the right connector. Luckily, we have all of the details in this article. 

So, make sure you stick around till the end! 

Ec3 Vs Xt60: Differences At A Glance

EC3 and XT60 both connectors have their own pros and cons. But it’s better to always get a quick overview of the two. 

To ease your pain, we’ve created a table with a comparative viewpoint for the two. We hope you’ll get to know the prime differences quickly by skimming through the table.  

So, here’s where the two connectors differ mainly: 

Aspects EC3 XT60
Charging Capacity 60 amp 60 amp
Short Burst Capacity 75 amp 90 amp
Wiring Soldered into Hollow Pin Ends Soldered ‘cradle style’ pins
Plugging Difficulty High Low
Requirement for Heat Shrink Insulation  No Yes
Price Low High
Availability Eflite Connector: EC3 Device RioRand XT60 Drone Connector

Well, it’s true you can buy a connector based on the table we provided above. It’s wise to know a little more about the product you’re purchasing.

So, here’s a detailed comparison of EC3 vs XT60. We hope this comparative review will help you in making wiser decisions.

Let’s dive in! 

EC3 Vs XT60: Detailed Comparison

Buying the right connector for your RC Lipo battery can be daunting. With so many options to choose from, you might get confused. Just like there’s a difference between XT60 and Deans connectors

But today, we’ll talk about the EC3 and XT60 RC battery connectors. Comparing the price, both of the connectors are fairly competitive. However, EC3 is inexpensive compared to XT60. 

Take out a few minutes and give the following segments a read. Only then you’ll get to know if EC3 is really a good deal at a lesser price.    


First of all, we’ll talk about the most crucial element – capacity. Both of the connectors can produce up to 60 amp charging capacity. 

But they differ in the burst capacity. EC3 has a 75 amp burst whereas XT60 has a burst of 90 amp. This means XT60 generates more electricity than EC3 before battery termination.     

Winner: You can surely see that XT60 is a winner in this category. Both of them have the same power-producing capacity. But having a longer burst power makes the XT60 the champ.  


Now, let’s move on to the wiring construction. It is extremely important to check the quality of the wire used in connectors.

You’ll see “bullet style” pins in EC3. But in XT60, the pins are “cradle styled”. As a result, the wiring in EC3 is soldered into hollow pin ends. But it’s the opposite in XT60.

Winner: We’ll declare a draw in this segment. Both of the wiring systems are absolutely fine for different applications. 

If you want to use the connector for high-current situations, EC3 will work for you. But if you’re looking for some space, XT60 is the best to go with.   


EC3 is a charm when it comes to connectivity. This connector is tough to wear down and doesn’t need any heat shrink for insulation

But XT60 is a bit different in this case. It also has a high connectivity ratio but it needs a heat shrink for insulation. 

If we talk about plugging, it’s much easier in XT60 than in EC3.

Winner: Well, this is a tough one! Both of the connectors are excellent in connection. But because of plugging difficulty, we think XT60 is better than EC3. 

Build Material

Well, material construction is yet another important aspect to consider. EC3 has a built-in 3.5mm gold-plated bullet connection. But XT60 has 3 mm bullets with a connection wire made of nylon. 

It’s like having a comparison between XT30 and XT60. Well, we can also suggest some good XT30 connectors if you want to check out. 

Here’s a list of XT30 connectors below:

Product 1
Product 2

 We hope you’ll find your preferred XT30 connector from this list. 

Now, let’s get back to what we were talking about – EC3 vs XT60.

Moving on, in EC3 you’ll notice the pins are glued to the wires. This ensures that there’s less chance of melting strain in this connector.

However, XT60 has external soldering pins that allow the connector to be replaced anytime.  

Winner: It’s a bit tough to decide which connector is superior in this case. Both of them have some strong points that make them unique in usability.  


Finally, you’ll find EC3 mostly compatible with eFlite, RC car batteries, and Blade line helicopters. 

On the other hand, XT60 is best for RC quadcopters, airplanes, and robotic electronics. 

Winner: Each of the connectors is used for different types of applications. So, there’s not really a winner here. It depends on the type of electronics you are using.   

Which Connector Should You Choose – EC3 or XT60?

As you can see each of the connectors has both pros and cons of its own. In some categories, EC3 is the best in use. And in others, XT60 seems to be the right choice. 

What struck us mostly is that XT60 is easier to plug in and out than EC3. But there’s a need for heat shrink insulation for XT60. 

On the other hand, EC3 seems like a budget-friendly option. We think, if you want a better connection for small RC cars and eFlite, choose EC3. 

Otherwise, XT60 is best for RC quadcopters and robotic electronics. It actually depends on the type of application you are going for.    


What is the difference between the EC3 and EC5 connector? 

There are some differences between EC3 and EC5 connectors. EC5 is like an extended version of EC3. In EC5 the bullet pins come in 5 mm producing up to 120 amps of continuous electricity. But EC3 has only 60 amps capacity. This means EC3 is for smaller RCs whereas EC5 is for large electrics.        

Will XT60 work with EC3? 

Yes, XT60 will work with EC3. To make the two work, you have to use a small connector. Usually, using Deans will get you the job done. It is a small adaptor with low resistance. It has a gold-plated body. You can easily convert any ESC model to XT60 with this connector. 

Are EC3 and IC3 connectors interchangeable?

Yes, EC3 and IC3 connectors are interchangeable. You can change EC3 with IC3 because IC3 has backwards compatibility with EC3. But there is a small issue with this thing. When you’re interchanging, you can’t access the benefits of the Smart Battery Charger. It’s nothing too serious, however. 

Final Thoughts

So, this is it! We tried to provide a detailed explanation of when to buy which connectors. You can choose either of them. EC3 or XT60? It all depends on you!

We hope this comparison guide has been useful for you. If you have any questions, pop them in the comment section. 

Have a good day!

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