How Long To Charge Remote Control Car Battery

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The time it takes to charge an RC car battery depends on the battery type. On average, NiMH batteries take 3 to 6 hours to charge completely. On the other hand, LiPo batteries usually take 30 minutes to 3 hours. 

RC battery charging time varies greatly since it has different capacities and variations. Many other things also influence the duration of complete charging. Would you like to know them?

Read and explore. 

How Can I Tell That My RC Battery Is Fully Charged?

My RC Battery Is Fully Charged

The indication of whether the battery is fully charged depends on the brand and the model of the battery. But most RC batteries will give you nearly the same signal when charged completely.

Nowadays, you can quickly identify the charge level of a battery by looking at the LED indicator. The LED shows different patterns, including changes in light color, solid light and flashing, to inform you of the current energy level of the battery. Some chargers are designed to stop charging automatically when the battery is full. 

If you have an RC car battery in hand and have nothing to check its charge level, connect it to your vehicle for manual measurement. The vehicle’s speed and performance will give you an idea about its charge level.

Does Overcharging Affect A RC Car Battery?

If you prefer charging the RC car battery for night long, you have bad news. Such a tendency to overcharge will slowly destroy the battery. 

Overcharging is the primary cause of overheating the battery, which shortens its lifespan and impacts its performance. If the battery gets overheated continuously, the battery’s cells will be damaged permanently.

Moreover, overcharging ruins the battery’s energy-holding capacity. Therefore, you can experience short run times of the RC car or poor performance. 

Overcharging Affect A RC Car Battery

To keep your RC car battery healthy and long-lasting, charge it following the manufacturer’s instructions and within the recommended duration.

Factors That Influence the Battery Charging Duration

A common question of beginners is – why does the charging time vary? Here are the factors responsible for different durations.

1. Battery Capacity

Your RC car battery’s capacity (milliampere/hour) directly relates to the charging time. A common rule to remember is – higher battery capacity (mAh) requires longer charging time. For example, using a 1000mAh charger to charge a 3000mAh battery will take about 3 hours. In contrast, if the battery capacity is also 1000mAh, the charging will complete within 1 hour.

2. Current and Voltage

Technically, your charger’s current rate and voltage can influence the battery charging duration. A charger with a high current rate (C-rate) will charge a battery faster. But it can be damaging for low-amperage batteries as well. On the other hand, the voltage level between the battery and the charger must match. Otherwise, they will be incompatible.

3. Battery Condition

The time your RC car battery takes to charge fully depends on the battery’s age, health and capacity. For instance, an old battery will take longer to charge than a new one. Moreover, you can charge a healthy battery faster and more efficiently.

Good Practices to Apply When Charging Your RC Car Batteries

Charging an RC car battery is a simple task. But some good practices can make the process safer and keep the battery healthy. Check out the following tips.

  • Before charging a battery, ensure its compatibility with the charger, whether it is for LiPo or NiMH.
  • Select a cool and dry place for charging the battery where you get proper ventilation. Besides, cool down the battery before connecting it to the charger.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery. Check the manufacturer’s user manual to know the recommended charging duration. 
  • For extra safety, you can use a fireproof charging bag.
  • Discharge the battery up to the recommended voltage for storing. Avoid any place to store the battery at extreme temperatures.
  • If you notice any abnormality during charging, immediately stop and disconnect the battery from the charger.
  • Regularly check the battery’s health/condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What charger should I use on my RC car battery?

The best charger for your RC car battery is the original one provided by the manufacturer. You should reorder one for the same charging performance if it is lost. Also, you can use another charger from other brands with similar required specifications. 

Why do NiMH batteries take longer to charge than LiPo?

It is because they have differences in their chemical composition and charging characteristics. For example, NiMH batteries come with lower energy density than LiPo. Also, they require a slow charging rate to avoid being overheated.

Can a remote control car battery be charged while still inside the car?

Charging an RC battery when it is inside the car is completely okay. Modern RC cars are designed with such facilities to make the charging process more convenient. However, some users still prefer removing batteries before charging. Without being confused, you should follow what the user manual mentions.

Final Words

Now you know the average time an RC car battery takes to charge fully. The duration differs based on the battery type and other factors, which are also discussed. But reading and learning only will not suffice because their application matters for the battery’s safety. Moreover, you should avoid bad habits, like night-long charging, to keep the battery in good condition for longer and get its highest performance.

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