What Are The Best RC Car Brands? Uncovering the Top Names That Lead the Market

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Did you ever become confused while choosing an RC car brand? It is a common trouble nowadays. The market has numerous RC brands, each offering unique features and technologies. In contrast, many RC manufacturers have lost due to extreme competition and lack of innovation. 

Despite those challenges, some companies have kept their glory for years and are still leading the market. Would you like to learn about them?

In this post, we will share the top RC car brands, their specialty, and reasons for being famous. This article will help you choose a good brand that meets your needs.

Read and enjoy!

Popular RC Car Brands That Catch Everyone’s Eyes

Here is the desired list containing the world’s best RC car brands. Check them out and find your favorite one.

1. Traxxas


In 1986, Jim Jenkins and David Katz founded Traxxas, the leading RC car brand in the world. Though the company started its journey by manufacturing RTR electric-powered stadium trucks, it now dominates the industry by producing different types of RC vehicles.

When prioritizing the durability of RC cars, the name Traxxas comes first. Millions of RC enthusiasts choose Traxxas’s cars for racing and bashing since they are designed to challenge off-road conditions. It is the key point behind such immense popularity of this brand. 

From on-road racing cars to off-road buggies, Traxxas offers everything you may need. The company also produces RC boats for water racers. The product line of this brand is full of various options suitable for beginners and experienced hobbyists. Traxxas has several popular RC vehicles. However, the Slash, Rustler, Stampede, and X-Maxx are highly notable.

Despite being the dominating brand in the RC industry, Traxxas is still dedicated to innovation and developing better vehicles. Since it is a premium RC brand, its vehicles can be expensive compared to entry-to-mid-level manufacturers. 

Traxxas has one of the biggest online communities in the RC industry. On those online platforms, Traxxas fans connect with each other, share their experiences and seek technical assistance.

2. Arrma


Arrma is considerably the newest RC car brand in this list since the company was founded in 2009. As a new brand in the RC industry, Arrma has manufactured some outstanding vehicles with a jaw-dropping performance. 

The brand has achieved a solid reputation due to its high-end craftsmanship and modern designs. Arrma is a top favorite brand for off-road RC enthusiasts. They manufacture tough cars that do not care about extreme terrains.

You will find versatile models of off-road RCs in Arrma’s product line, including monster trucks, buggies, truggies and short-course trucks. Due to the vast product range, everyone can have a suitable vehicle, whether a beginner or an expert. Some popular models made by Arrma are the Kraton, Typhon, Outcast, and Senton.

Users admire Arrma for two reasons: manufacturing durable vehicles and providing a wide range of models. Unfortunately, the brand is unpopular among users who want more customization and low-budget RCs.

For providing quality customer services, Arrma has a website, multiple social media profiles and an active community. Their dedicated customer support team is ready to answer your queries or help you by providing essential information.

3. Team Associated

Team Associated

Team Associated was established in 1964 as an RC car brand in the USA. The company gets quick attention due to manufacturing high-end and race-winning RC vehicles. Team Associated has been a top name in this industry for exceptional handling, speed and durability.

No matter whether you are interested in RC cars, trucks or buggies, the company offers vast options for both on-road and off-road RC enthusiasts. They also produce limited RTR models for particular customer demands. Among different models, some popular ones are the B6.2, RC10T6.2, and SC6.2.

The brand seems greatly focused on manufacturing high-performance RC vehicles since the beginning. This approach is one of the reasons behind their quick success. However, the high price of Team Associated’s vehicles can be a pain point for beginners. 

Team Associated understands the value of active customer support. That’s why they have developed a responsive online service team. They provide product support and the essential information to improve your RC experience. The brand also has an active online community where users engage with each other.

4. Losi


Losi is an innovative RC brand founded by Gil Losi Sr. and Gil Losi Jr. in 1988. The company has a rich history of building high-quality RC cars since the beginning. For its dedication to performance, durability and detail, Losi is one of the reputed brands in the RC industry. 

Regarding product variation, the brand is well ahead of producing on-road and off-road RC cars. Losi manufactures high-performance trucks, buggies and rock crawlers to make RC enthusiasts happy with all skill levels. Some popular RC cars they make are the 8IGHT-X, Tenacity, Rock Rey and Super Baja Rey.

Each Losi vehicle is equipped with exceptional controlling mechanisms and innovative technology. However, most of them are expensive compared to entry to mid-level RC brands. Unfortunately, some models are quite limited, which can disappoint you.

As a high-end RC brand, Losi has a strong online presence for engaging users and customer service. Their specialized team assists users through the website and social media by providing crucial information and answering queries.

5. Axial


In 2005, Axial entered the RC industry as a specialized off-road vehicle brand. The name quickly spread in the community due to the manufacturing of realistic and durable RC cars. 

RC lovers admire the quality craftsmanship, scale accuracy and fine detail of Axial vehicles. The brand particularly has attracted rock-crawling RC enthusiasts who like to tackle challenging terrains. Moreover, these cars are popular for their exceptional scale appearances. 

Axial offers a diverse product line, including rock crawlers, trail trucks, and scale RC vehicles. Their cars have user-friendly designs and mechanisms so people with any skill level can operate them effortlessly. Axial’s SCX10 II, Wraith, and Yeti are very popular models among users. 

The brand provides essential accessories and components for users who like to customize their cars for more personalization. Besides, quality construction and expertise in off-road car production easily differentiate this brand from others. However, the price range is still higher than many entry-level brands.

Axial has had a strong online presence for years. Anyone can contact their dedicated team on their website or social media profiles for product support, tips and general queries.

5. Redcat Racing

Redcat Racing 

Redcat Racing was established in 2005 with the aim of manufacturing affordable RC cars. The brand is well known for designing and producing entry-level RC vehicles for newcomers to the hobby.

The brand has been popular among budget-conscious hobbyists due to its various affordable options. From on-road to off-road, Redcat Racing offers different types of cars, buggies, trucks and rocks crawlers. Some popular models of the brand include the Blackout XTE, Everest-10, and Volcano EPX.

Redcat Racing is a perfect combination for beginners for affordability and a wide product range. However, as a mid to advanced RC car user, you may not expect exceptional features from those cars.

Redcat Racing has an active website and online community on different social media platforms. Thus customers get after-sale support and quick access to essential online resources through those mediums.

7. HPI Racing

HPI Racing

In 1986, HPI Racing began its journey in the RC car industry. After a long journey, it has been a well-established RC brand that manufactures high-quality and innovative RC vehicles.

For reliable performance, scale realism and durability, HPI Racing’s RCs have a reputation globally. Any user can recognize the specialty of those cars after a few minutes of driving.

HPI Racing manufactures both on- and off-road cars, including RC trucks, buggies, and drift cars. You will find entry-level to professional RC vehicles in their product line. Some popular cars of the brand are the Savage, Baja, and Sprint 2.

There is no doubt about the quality and performance of HPI Racing RC cars. Unfortunately, the limited availability of certain models is a big issue with the brand. Moreover, most of their cars are expensive compared to beginner brands.

HPI Racing offers professional customer support and parts replacement for different models. The brand has an active website and multiple social media profiles to engage users and provide the necessary advice.

8. Kyosho


Kyosho is one of the leading RC car manufacturers, founded in 1963. Along with a rich history, the company has a strong reputation in the world RC community for high-end RC vehicle production. 

The brand is widely praised for its consistent innovation. Also, Kyosho’s RC vehicles have been popular among users for their exceptional control, fine detail and speed.

On-road or off-road, the brand has a vast product range for beginner to advanced users. They manufacture professional-grade RC racing vehicles, including trucks, buggies, and drift cars. Some popular RC models of Kyosho are the Inferno, Ultima, and Mini-Z.

Extensive product range and quality are two strong points of this Japanese RC manufacturer. However, high prices and limited market presence are two big challenges for the company.

Kyosho emphasizes consistent customer support. For this purpose, they provide comprehensive user manuals and technical support. The brand also has a strong online presence for general discussion and technical advice.

9. Tamiya


Tamiya is the oldest RC car brand on this list, as the company was established in 1946 in Japan. RC cars of this brand are well-known for their high-quality craftsmanship, accuracy and scale realism. For these reasons, Tamiya is a trusted name in the RC market. 

The company has a vast product line, including on- and off-road RC vehicles. They manufacture high-performing trucks, drift cars and tanks for beginner to advanced RC enthusiasts. 

Some of the popular RC models of Tamiya are the Grasshopper, Hornet, and TT-02. One of the best things about the brand is its widely available spare parts. So you never have to struggle to find a necessary component for your car.  

Compared to entry-level brands, Tamiya’s products are expensive, a pain point for customers. However, the brand is highly active in the case of customer support. They have a strong distribution network, so users get everything near their hands. Tamiya also has a dedicated online community to assist you.

10. Xray


Xray is another high-performance RC vehicle manufacturer founded in 2000. Though the RC market is quite competitive, the brand quickly gained a solid reputation because of its high-level engineering, attention to detail and innovation.

The brand seems highly focused on manufacturing 1/10 and 1/8-scale electric and nitro-powered RC cars. Some popular Xray RC car models are T4, XB8, and XB2. Along with producing both on-road and off-road RC cars, the brand offers different parts for customizing and upgrading your car. 

Xray’s precise engineering and superior product quality will give you a unique experience during professional racing. However, such exceptional performance can be costly for beginners since Xray generally makes high-end racing vehicles.

Team Xray understands the importance of customer support. So, they offer technical assistance through their website and online community. Xray also provides comprehensive user manuals for setting up their vehicles effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RC car brands offer the best performance and speed?

Traxxas, Team Associated and Losi are particularly known for manufacturing high-performance RC cars with great speed.

Which brand makes budget-friendly RC cars that still offer good quality?

You must usually sacrifice material quality and features while choosing budget-friendly RC cars. However, Redcat Racing and ECX still manufacture cost-effective RC vehicles with decent quality. 

Are there RC car brands that specialize in off-road vehicles?

Yes. Traxxas, Axial and HPI Racing are the top brands specializing in manufacturing off-road RC cars.

Which RC brands are known for their realistic designs and features?

Among the above brands, Tamiya and Kyosho manufacture RC vehicles with very realistic features and designs.


Finally, we went through the names of the best RC car brands. They are globally known in the RC communities for their quality, performance, and popularity. When choosing an RC car, we recommend going for one of them, no matter if you are a professional racer or hobbyist. So, how to find the perfect one among these brands? You should first evaluate your preferences, budget, and desired features and find the best one that suits your needs. After discovering the best one, you will have endless hours of fun and exhilaration.

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