Mastering Battery Conservation: How to Store LiPo Batteries Like a Pro

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Storing a LiPo battery with proper safety is crucial to enhance its lifespan and prevent unwanted fire hazards. Moreover, careful storage keeps the battery healthy for future use. Do you know the safe process of storing a LiPo battery for long and short duration?

In this article, we will share the step-by-step guide for LiPo battery storage and safety tips to keep them healthy for longer.

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How to Store Your RC LiPo Batteries Safely

Storing LiPo batteries does not mean simply putting them somewhere. The process requires safety and caution to avoid unwanted incidents. Here is how to store them:

1. Remove the Battery from Your RC Vehicle

Remove the Battery from Your RC Vehicle

Disconnect the LiPo battery from your RC vehicle first. This step will help you prevent unintentional power drain and keep the battery from external effects. It also avoids short circuits and accidents during the other storage process.

2. Clean and Inspect the Battery

After removing the battery from the vehicle:

  1. Clean it so no dirt and debris are on its surface.
  2. Inspect the battery carefully to find if the battery has any damage signs like dents or punctures.
  3. Be careful about internal damage to the battery.

For example, if the battery is swollen, the battery must have damage inside.

Note: If the LiPo battery is badly damaged, do not use or store it.

3. Discharge the Battery

Discharge the Battery

Never store a fully charged battery; instead, discharge it first. Reduce the battery voltage to around 3.8V and 3.85V per cell before storing it. Discharging prevents the risk of fire hazards during the storage period and optimizes the battery’s lifespan.

4. Choose an appropriate storage location 

Find a good place to store the battery to ensure its longevity and safety. Store it in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid excessively cold areas for battery storage. Besides, ensure the place is out of moisture, a critical reason for the battery’s internal damage.

5. Use a dedicated storage bag

Use a dedicated storage bag

Experts always recommend using reliable LiPo battery bags for storage. These bags are designed to prevent potential risks or incidents caused by LiPo batteries. They separate each battery, reducing the risk of short circuits and accidental contact.

Note: If the LiPo battery bag is unavailable, you can use fireproof containers as an alternative.

Storage Duration and Maintenance

You can store the LiPo battery for both short and long duration. However, depending on the storage period, you must handle the battery differently. 

Short-term storage:

Storing a LiPo battery for a few days to weeks is usually considered short-term storage. In this period, a regular voltage check is required so the battery remains in a safe voltage range. Also, the monitoring helps you understand whether the battery is self-discharging. Thus you can keep your battery in good condition when stored briefly and use it when needed.

LiPo battery voltage checking

Long-term storage:

Many users store their LiPo batteries for several months or even more. In this case, the ideal battery storage voltage should be between 3.8V and 3.85V per cell. This voltage range will optimally preserve the battery’s capacity. It will also minimize the risk of excessive self-discharging, which is a key reason for battery performance degradation. To keep the battery healthy, you must perform a voltage check every few months during the long-term storage period.

Safety Tips While Storing a Lipo Battery

During storing a LiPo battery, follow these tips to keep the battery and yourself safe.

  • Put the battery into a LiPo storage bag and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Ensure no flammable material or direct sunlight surrounds the battery.
  • During storage, keep the voltage level safe. Also, monitor the voltage of the battery routinely.
  • Inspect whether your battery has any physical damage, like swelling. If yes, handle it with extreme caution.
  • Put the battery in a place that is out of the reach of children and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store LiPo batteries in a regular plastic container?

You should not store LiPo batteries in regular plastic containers as they are not fire-resistant.

How often should I check the voltage of stored LiPo batteries? 

Checking the voltage of stored LiPo batteries every month is recommended by experts.

What should I do if a LiPo battery swells during storage?

You should stop using or storing swelled batteries as soon as possible. Also, handle them with extreme caution.

Are LiPo battery storage bags fireproof?

Yes, they are designed to prevent fire hazards. They are made of a particular fabric, unlike regular ones.


Finally, you have a guideline on storing LiPo batteries for future use. You should follow each step, as escaping one can harm the battery and the user. The steps are carefully mentioned based on experts’ opinions. So, your battery will remain healthy or in optimal condition for longer if you follow them.

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