Spektrum ix20 Problems [Reasons and Solutions]

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If you’re an RC plane enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the Spektrum brand. They carry everything that an RC fanatic needs, from radios to motors and servos. However, you might often face problems while using Spektrum ix20 devices. Well, you’re not alone to face this. Let us help you with this.

So, what are the Spektrum i20 problems, and how to fix them?

There are some major and minor problems in Spektrum ix20. In earlier days, many users complained about the bugs in the device. Still, there are several problems in battery power, application system, timer setting, user interface, and physical transmitter.

You might be wondering how you can use this device with so many problems! Well, don’t worry. When there is a problem, it always comes with a solution. So let’s dive into the depth of the problems, and find out how to solve them.

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What Are The Spektrum ix20 Problems?

Spektrum brands are not too easy to operate. The earlier edition, Spektrum ix12 had many bugs in it. While working with the Spektrum ix20, you might face the problems mentioned below. 

Problem 1: Polarity Power

Polarities are assigned to the pins of the receiver port. This is how the signal, power, and ground pins are connected. The receiver can not power up if the battery is inserted incorrectly. As a result, pay attention to how the battery is connected to the receiver.

Also, Spektrum ix20 has average battery life. So it is not durable enough. 


You can switch to a good battery with better power life. 

If you’re looking for some good LiPo batteries, here’s a list of some of our favorites:

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Problem 2: Physical Transmitter

The physical transmitter seems too tall for many users. So, they wanted to switch out the sticks to the shorter ones. As a result, the sticks become closer.

Also, the transmitter and receiver will not bond if they are kept too close together. When the devices are very close together, the signals become far too intense for them to handle. The devices are overpowered by strong signals and are unable to bind.


It’s best to keep the receiver 4–6 feet away from the transmitter. As a result, you can avoid the problem of oversaturation.

Problem 3: Timer Setting

The T-33, the timer of Spektrum ix20 is a bit problematic. Since it’s not available on the menu, you will have to go to a different system to set the timer. Many users have complained about that.

When you need to know how much time is remaining, you need to check the timer. 


First you have to go to the model setup. Then select the audio events and switch the change report. Now you will have to add an event, so push a plus key. Get down on that page, and it has an inhibit function that indicates a right arrow key, taps it one time. Then you will see a switch, hit that up. 

After that, a phase will come indicating switch A, B, and C. Don’t touch any of that. You will have to just toggle your throttle switch.  Now, your throttle is a switch. Fill the field and your timer is set to go. All the best radio transmitter systems have this feature.

Problem 4: Damaged Antenna

Sometimes, the antenna of your Spektrum ix20 can be damaged or cranked. The antenna will not receive any signal if it is kinked or truncated. 


In this scenario, you must first repair the antenna if it is repairable.

However, some Spektrum receivers come with built-in antennas. So this issue isn’t an issue for them.

Problem 5: App Model

The application module of Spektrum ix20 is completely based on the touch system. Also, it is not beginner-friendly. So you will have to know all the facts about it to be able to operate the app system. Sometimes, the app crashes automatically and the radio gets locked up. 


You will have to restart the whole system if your app crashes. Always try to have the latest updated version of the system. It will help to avoid the crash problem. Also, try to have a well-training about the system before purchasing the device. 

Problem 6: Spektrum ix20 Size

Many users often complain about the size of the device. It’s 12.9 x 11.3  x  9.4” which is complicated to operate with this size. But you can’t help it. There is no alternate solution for that and the size is different in every model. So, the ix12 or Spektrum dx9 model might solve your problem, but dx9 has other problems as well.

One thing you can do, while making the selection of your radio transmitter, is to keep the size thing in your mind.

How User-friendly is the Spektrum Ix20?

Beginners often find it difficult to operate the Spektrum ix20. They can’t find the main menu or they get lost in the middle of the model selection. There are no specific buttons, it’s a touch screen model. Also, there is a length of tapping time method to operate the device. 

So if you are not a technical expert, the user interface might seem a little complicated to you. 

Tech Tip: When you enter the mode selection screen, you can use two different ways. You can enter by long pressing or short pressing the model utilities pencil. The standard way is a short press. Long press to proceed or turn off. 

Also, on this screen, you are able to edit models and pick models. Then you can select and activate it. Once it’s done you can back out again. Thus you can select your model. 

However, to ensure that your plane can fly properly, make sure to select the right-wing option. We also hope that we were able to resolve the main issues with the Spektrum ix20 for you.

That was all about the Spektrum ix20 problems. You will face these common problems while using the device. Hopefully, the solution will help you solve the problems. But if you get in trouble with this, you can always seek professional help.


Is there still a problem with both the ix12 and ix20 from Spektrum?

Many users had ix12 updated to the ix20 and have had problems. Including android issues, crashing, and various programming issues. Maybe Spektrum has all the bugs worked out yet. They still had problems and updates to work on.

What is the dx18g1’s contribution to the Spektrum TX?

It adds two new shoulder trimmers and two extra 3-pos buttons to the control setup. Also, marking the first time since the DX18G1 that additional inputs have already been introduced to a portable Spektrum TX.

Is it true that the Dell ix20 is a dx18 graphics card?

In the iX12 forum, there is some debate. That wasn’t a DX18; it was certainly leaked in that video. The iX20 appears to borrow certain ergonomic features from the DX18. The overall size is similar, as well as the sliders, are now on the sides instead of the back, as in the DX9/20/iX12 case layout.

Wrapping Up

This is all about the Spektrum ix20 problems. First and foremost, make sure that the new binding procedure has been completed correctly. If you’re still having problems, figure out what’s causing them. After that, follow the solution method.

This should effectively solve your issue.

Please let us know if you have any questions on the topic. 

Wish you all the best!

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