How to Build An RC Pulling Tractor? Here Is How to Do It

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Building an RC pulling tractor might sound almost impossible to some people. This is because they actually have no idea about how to do it so. But you can actually do it if you are patient and have the proper knowledge.

So, how to build an RC pulling tractor?

The first thing to do is cut down the chassis to make up the base. Then you need to attract the front and the rear wheels. After that, install the servo and then the motors of it. Now plug in the rest of the electronics that are needed for your RC tractor. Finally, go for a test drive!

You have got a brief about the main part. Keep reading to unwrap all the details about it we got here.

So, get started now!

How Do I Build An RC Pulling Tractor Myself?

Building an RC pulling tractor is actually not that hard. What you require is the materials along with the patience for building one of these.

Talking about the materials, you do not need anything unique. You would need an anti-cutter, Lexan plastic, and a couple of RC tractor wheels.

So, if you are mentally ready now, then get ready to get started. We tried to cover the entire process by breaking it down into simple steps. So, take a look.

Step 1: Cut Down The Chassis And The Base

To begin, you need to cut down a 6 by 13 inches long Lexan plastic. This would act as the chassis for your RC pulling tractor. 

Remember that a 6-inch distance is not a fixed one for the tires. Because you may take a lesser or more distance in between the tires if you want. But 6 inches are fine.

However, make sure the distance is not less than 5 inches. Because you need to set something around the front wheels to rotate.

Now, you have to draw a line at the ¾ and 2-inch mark. Then again mark ¾ of an inch from both sides. 

After cutting this, the front wheels have enough space to work properly. Remember you can use any type of wheels for your pulling tractor that is compatible.

Just make sure the wheels are good. Now, if you are trying to get a couple of these tires, here is an idea for you. 

Product 1 
Product 2 

Hope this helps.

Step 2: Attach The Wheels to The Steering

Now, you need to cut down 2 small I-shaped pieces. These would act as the hinge for the front wheels. 

Keep a little portion of plastic in the middle. This would work as the steering for the front wheels.

Now attach a small rectangular piece at the top and bottom of both pieces. Once you do this, take a nail to cut it into 2 pieces. 

Then center them into the wheels to attach them together. Do this with both the wheels with the cut-down nail.

Now, attach these two nails and wheels to the steering of the RC. To do it, you can make a small hole in the steering that you got. 

You may use a drill machine to make this hole. However, you probably not have got a drill machine. If that is the situation, you just drill a hole without a drill machine.

After that, put in the nails to solder the wheels with the steering. Just like that, you can set up the rear wheels of the tractor too. 

But don’t forget that the tractor’s rear wheels are way bigger than the front wheel. 

Step 3: Install The Servo And Motors

Once you are done setting up the wheels, you can get in the servo. Now, you just glue the servo to your chassis just behind the wheels in the front.

Then connect the wheels using a paper clip. Behind the servo, you need to connect 2 motors. You may use 800 rpm DC motors for this. 

To hold the motors, you may also get a couple of housings. This would be convenient to hold the motors properly to mount. 

Just pop the motors into the housings and bolt them up in place. 

Remember that using housings for the motor is not a must. But we recommend using these as these housings can be really helpful.

You can get these housings at any RC shops around you. If you do not seem to find one, then you just look it up on the internet.

Step 4: Put in The Rest Electronics

Now, it is time to set up the rest electronics. First, you need to take the receiver and plug it down into the chassis. Then you need to take the speed controller.

Just plug it down into the chassis at the back of the motor. Finally, you need a battery for your RC pulling tractor. 

A battery of 11.1 volts and 500 milliamperes may be enough for this. If you think you need a battery with more voltage or ampere, talk to an expert.

You may also use Lipo batteries for this if you want. However, Lipo batteries resist charging at times. But you can fix this issue very easily though. 

So, once you get the battery, just plug it down into the chassis. Now, you have got everything in place on the chassis. So, you can expect to go for a test drive.

You may think you would set up the upper case of your tractor first. But it is better to go for a test drive before you set up everything.

Once you’re done going for a test drive, you need to set up the upper case. You may think about what materials to use for it which is a common concern.

Well, for a more reasonable budget, you may even use cardboard for it. Just cut the cardboard using an anti-cutter. 

You can get the measurements by looking at the wheels and chassis, then cut it down accordingly.

But if you go for a good-looking casing, you can get it at stores. Also, remember you need a transmitter for your homemade RC pulling tractor.

Just ascertain that your transmitter is compatible with the receiver. So, make sure you bind the transmitter with the receiver to get started.

So, that’s how you are able to build an RC pulling tractor yourself at home!


How helpful is an RC pulling tractor?

Well, an RC pulling tractor can be really helpful actually. These are not only limited to use for fun or play. But rather, you can also use it for a necessary purpose. In that case, you need to make sure that it is big enough. However, this might require you to include a significant budget.

Is it complex to build an RC pulling tractor?

Well, it takes time to construct an RC pulling tractor. Note that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to build an RC pulling tractor. Because it takes patience and time to build an RC pulling tractor. However, it is nothing so hard or impossible to do so. But that is just worth it doing so.

Is it actually feasible to get an RC tractor?

Yes, buying an RC tractor might not be something bad. However, the budget that is needed to buy this has to be reviewed first. An RC tractor can be more costly than you consider. On average, the price of an RC tractor may start from about $300. The price may also rise up to around $550.

The Final Words

Now you know how to build an RC pulling tractor! And you can now build it very easily following our instructions given.

Remember one thing while building it up. Some people may attempt using cock sheet to attach any internals. But do not do it anyway. Because it would not be tightened the way it has to be and that would become a mess.

All the best!

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