My Air Hogs Helicopter Won’t Charge: 4 Simple Tricks to Do!

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Flying your Air Hogs helicopter is a great activity for this summer. But you cant have fun and enjoy it if the helicopter loses power too quickly. The charging issue with the Air Hogs helicopter feels like a punch in the face. 

However, we need to find out the tricks when my Air Hogs helicopter won’t charge?

Air Hogs Helicopter might not charge because of the battery or power supply. Whatever the reason is, you need to inspect the batteries first. Replace your old charger with a new one. Clogged bearings will prevent it from charging. So, clean it up. Lastly, fix or replace your motor for better performance.

Does it feel complicated to you? Don’t worry because we have discussed the tricks in detail!

But first, we should know why is this issue occurring.

Why Your Air Hogs Helicopter Is Not Charging?

If your Air Hogs helicopter is comparatively new, it should not have any battery issues. In such a case, the power supply might be faulty. 

So, check the power supply before charging it. You can try using a different socket or supply. 

If you are flying the helicopter for a long time, it might affect the battery. Long flight time will interfere the communication. 

If you have crashed your helicopter recently, it might damage the battery. The damage to the linkage of your helicopter stops it from flying. 

Sometimes the indicator light stops working. But, it doesn’t mean that it is not charging. 

So, you have properly connected and never did any damage to the helicopter. It’s not still charging, so we need to go for some alternatives. 

Let’s see which one works for you!

4 Simple Tricks to When Your Air Hog Helicopter Won’t Charge

If you want to extend the flight time, you need to come up with some solutions. Well, you should not worry.

As long as you are willing to try the solutions out, hopefully, it will start charging. 

The first thing that comes into mind is the batteries. So let’s focus on them!

Method 1 of 4:  Inspecting And Replacing the Batteries

Different models of Air Hogs uses different batteries. So you need to read the manual very carefully. Make sure you are using the right one.

The Axis 200x and 300x Helicopters use 4 AA batteries. Some models also use Lipo batteries. Check whether your Lipo battery charges or not.

So, don’t use any other batteries which your model doesn’t approve of. 

When you charge the helicopter, it shows red light, right? But if you have a weak battery, that red light will start flashing.

If your Air Hogs helicopter is showing this sign, you need to change the batteries. 

Keep in mind that you need to replace both, the helicopter and controller batteries. 

Replacing the controller battery is not that complicated. But you need to go through a procedure for the internal replacement.

However, you need a sharp knife for this job. Just cut out the joint stickers from both halves.

Gently remove the halves and replace the old batteries. Reconnect the wires with the new battery.

Use high-quality glue to connect the halves. 

Yes, you are good to go!

If this did not work for you, go for the second solution.

Method 2 of 4: Replace the Charger

We often forget to focus on the health of the charger. It is important to have an efficient charging device. 

If your charger is not providing enough flight time, something is wrong with it.

To replace the charger, check for the voltage. Understand which charger is suitable for your Air Hogs helicopter model

Keep the owner’s manual on hand to get the correct charger. 

Now, keep charging until the light on the controller shows green. When you are charging your device, keep the flight time in mind.

If your charger and batteries are both fine, the problem may be internal.

Method 3 of 4: Internal Cleanup

Using your Air Hogs helicopter for a long time without cleaning is not a good idea. It can lead to clogged-up bearings. 

Some internal parts also get covered with fuel and other liquids with use. Eventually, clogged-up bearings will stop the device from charging.

So, nothing beats a good old cleaning process. Just unscrew and open the batteries, and lose the wirings, and bearings. 

As you have used your RC helicopter outside, it now contains a lot of dirt. These may be the reason behind the troubled charging. 

For better performance, clean the internal parts as well as external parts. 

This will make sure you will not have any clogged bearings anywhere. 

Wait for a while and start charging your Air Hogs helicopter. 

Still not charging? Let’s fix some internal parts of the helicopter.

Method 4 of 4: Fix or Replace the Motor

Air Hogs helicopters will give you an exceptional performance. But over time it loses its grip and flight. 

This happens due to rough courses and excessive flight times. Overusing your Air Hogs helicopter can also lead to this. 

Sometimes the wirings are connected to the motor get loose. As a result, the motor cannot get enough power from batteries. 

So, you need to recheck all the motors and connections. If there are any loose connections, just reconnect them. 

Now, if you are used to filling the tank with excess fuel, you need to stop. Because of the tank is overloaded, the motor gets locked.

Yes, you got that right! If the motor gets locked, it will not take charge. 

So keep the fuel at a level always. 

If you are doing everything, you’re supposed to do it and your motor is still not working. You might need to replace your motor.

It’s time for a new motor for your Air Hogs Helicopter.  

To run your Air Hogs helicopter smoothly, we suggested some amazing motor kits for you. Check them out!

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 Well, all it takes is a little maintenance if you don’t want to face these again. 

So let’s know about maintaining your helicopter for its healthier lifespan. 

Maintaining Your Air Hogs Helicopter

Air Hogs helicopter will always perform best if you are willing to maintain them. If you are replacing any parts of batteries make sure you are choosing the right one. 

Hobbyists like me, want to make the day out of flying. But we also need to keep the flight time in mind.

So whenever you are charging, you should keep the flight time in mind. That’s why it’s better to keep a rechargeable battery for Air Hogs Helicopter in hand.

If you fly your Air Hogs helicopter regularly, it’s better to get the higher voltage batteries.  Store your NiMh battery properly.

Don’t overflow your fuel tank with fuel. It might affect the internal parts of your helicopter.      

That is all!


Here are some of the common questions people ask-

Why isn’t my Air Hogs helicopter taking off?

If your Air Hogs helicopter is not taking off, it does not have enough rotor speed. Usually, it happens when you have a bad or weak battery. Another reason for this occurrence will be a faulty motor. Just replace/fix your motor or batteries to get rid of this problem. 

How much weight can my Air Hogs helicopter lift?

Your Air Hogs helicopter can lift at least 35 to 38 grams. If you are sure to lift some weight with it, charge the helicopter properly. Because the thrust of the helicopter will be better if it’s properly charged.

How long does it take for my Air Hogs helicopter to charge?

Your Air Hogs helicopter comes with a rechargeable battery pack. So if you want this pack to be fully charged, give it 30 minutes or so. Make sure you have turned off the helicopter when you charge it. 


Now you know what to do when your Air Hogs helicopter won’t charge. The methods are here to help you go through this process.

Now, grab your helicopter to fly and enjoy!

Thank you for sticking around with us till the end!

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