Traxxas Velineon Vs Castle Sidewinder: Which Is Better?

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There are many Electronic Speed Controllers available on the market. The variety of options can leave buyers confused. 

Confused by traxxas velineon vs castle sidewinder

The castle sidewinder is smaller and much lighter than the traxxas velineon. In contrast, the sidewinder has fully customizable driver profiles that allow you to control the power ramp-up. The velineon only lets you set the throttle at full or 50%. But, the sidewinder has a better cooling system. 

This is just the gist of the comparison between the two ESCs. There is much more details in this article that will help you pick between the two. 

General Overview: Castle Sidewinder vs Traxxas Velineon 

Traxxas Velimeon and Castle Sidewinder are two very popular Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). The similarities leave many buyers confused. But the two ESCs are not all the same; rather they have some key differences. 

So what does traxxas velineon vs castle sidewinder sct look like?

Differences Traxxas Velineon Castle Sidewinder
Size Length: 55mm

Width: 39mm

Height: 33mm

Length: 52.9mm

Width: 38mm

Height: 32.5mm

Weight 90g 64g
Power Delivery Modes 3 drive profiles: Sport, Race, and Training Mode to limit throttle to 50% 6 fully customizable profiles
Batteries NiMH 4 to 9 cells

LiPo 2s-3s

NiMH 6 to 8 cells

LiPo 2s-3s

Switch Small Button On/Off Switch
Cooling System Heatsink 30mm fan
Price Check Here Check Here

The table gives an overview about where the two ESCs differ. But to make a decision, you must better understand the differences.

In-depth Comparison 

We need a better understanding of how the Traxxas Velineon and Caste Sidewinder compare to each other. For that we shall discuss the aspects they differ in detail in this section.  


This is the most visible difference between the two ESCs. When you first look at them, you will notice that one is smaller than the other. 

The dimensions of the Traxxas Velineon and the Castle Sidewinder are given in the table. It is very clear that the Traxxas Velineon is the bigger ESC of the two. 

The castle Sidewinder is almost 2 mm smaller in length. This might seem measly on paper, but in practical RC builds, the size can matter a lot. 

The Sidewinder does not make any sacrifices for its smaller size either. It can outperform bigger ESCs, including the Traxxas Velineon. 

Winner: The winner in terms of size is the Castle Sidewinder. It is much smaller than the Traxxas Velineon. 


The second key difference you will notice between the two ESCs is the weight. A heavier ESC can affect the performance of your RC.

The Traxxas Velineon weighs 90 grams while the Castle Sidewinder only weighs 64 grams. The difference in weight between the two ESCs is quite drastic. 

The lower weight, just like the smaller size, does not sacrifice the performance of the Sidewinder. 

But there is a catch with the Sidewinder. If you use it to run a car that weighs over 5 pounds (2.3 kgs), it will overheat. 

Winner: The winner of this section is the much lighter ESC, the Castle Sidewinder. 

Power Delivery Modes

Having different power delivery modes, or the option to tune power delivery, is very helpful. It allows you to manage the power ramp-up of the RC. 

The Traxxas Velineon comes with 3 different drive profiles. The three modes are Sport, Race, and Training Mode.

Of these three modes, the training mode lets you limit the throttle to 50%. So the Traxxas basically lets you go full power or half power. There is no gradual build-up or manual control. 

The Castle Sidewinder, on the other hand, lets you control the violent snap of full power. The ESC has 6 profiles that are fully customizable.

For this, you will need to use the Castle Link Software and do a little tinkering yourself. But it will give you a smooth initial power ramp-up. 

The Castle Link Software does not mess with the throttle response. Problems with throttle response are caused by other issues. 

The smoother power ramp-up of the Sidewinder does not damage the car either. The driveline and gear train remains undamaged in the process. The top speed and full power remain available for the driver as well. 

The control over the power ramp-up will also help you in traction loss that happens in looser terrain. 

Winner: The winner of this section is the Caste Sidewinder. The Traxxas Velineon has very limited control over the throttle. 


Input voltage indicates the amount of voltage you can supply to the ESC. The voltage will affect the power of the ESC.

The Traxxas Velineon can house 2s to 3s LiPo batteries. When it comes to NiMH batteries, the Velineon can house at least 4. The maximum number of NiMH batteries it can house is 9.

Using improper LiPo batteries may affect the discharge rate of the LiPo Battery

The Castle Sidewinder can also fit  2s to 3s LiPo batteries. But the minimum number of NiMH batteries is more and the maximum number is less. 

The Castle Sidewinder can fit at least 6 NiMH. It can house NiMH batteries for maximum performance. 

Though the Castle Creations  ESC uses fewer NiMH batteries for maximum performance, it has better performance. Even with one extra battery, the Velineon falls short in terms of maximum power delivery.

Winner: The Sidewinder Wins this round. Because it gives more performance with less maximum batteries.


Now the switch might be something you do not consider at first. But the quality of the switch can improve the daily usability of the ESC drastically. 

The Traxxas Velineon comes with a small button. You have to press the button to turn it on or off. But the button is prone to get stuck. 

Cleaning RCs is quite difficult. The small button makes this task even more difficult 

The Castle Sidewinder, on the other hand, has a switch that lets you turn it on or off. The switch is much for user friendly and has no issue of getting stuck or such. 

Winner: The Castle Sidewinder has the better switch and wins this round. 

Cooling System

A better cooling system will help cool the ESC properly and make it overheat less. Though cooling systems can be upgraded, having a better stock cooling is an advantage. 

The Traxxas Velineon comes with just a heatsink. It absorbs the unwanted heat of the ESC and keeps it cool. 

You can buy cooling fans for your Traxxas Velineon. 

On the other hand, the Castle Sidewinder comes with a stock 30 mm cooling fan. A dedicated cooling fan outperforms just a heatsink. So the Sidewinder is cooled much better. 

Winner: The Sidewinder wins this round with its stock cooling fan. 


Now finally we come to the price of the two ESCs. Price can be a huge factor in the purchase decision. So let’s see which ESC is more budget-friendly. 

The Traxxas Velineon is priced at around $300. The price can change depending on availability.

The Castle Sidewinder is much cheaper. It is usually sold at around a price of $200.  

Both of the ESCs can be found at cheaper prices when they are on sale. So be on the lookout.

Winner: The Sidewinder wins because it is cheaper. Future upgrades make the Velineon price even steeper. 


Both of the ESCs are excellent choices. However, we recommend getting the Castle Sidewinder. It is cheaper, smaller, and better performing than the Velineon. 

But don’t think that the Velineon is a bad option. You cannot go wrong with any of them. 


How fast is a Velineon motor?

The top speed of a Traxxas Velineon motor is 35 mph+, which can be further improved upon with tweaking. The Velineon goes full throttle normally. In training mode, the throttle is limited to 50%. This limits the top speed as well in training mode. 

Who makes traxxas Velineon?

The Traxxas Velineon is made by the company Traxxas. Traxxas is an American company based in McKinney, Texas. The Velineon system has no association with Castle Creations whatsoever. 

What is a brushless esc?

Brushless ESC systems make three-phase AC power to run brushless motors. It is kind of similar to a variable frequency drive. Brushless motors have better efficiency, power, and longevity, and are lightweight compared to traditional brushed motors.


With that we know so much more about traxxas velineon vs castle sidewinder. Both of the ESCs are excellent options. 

Go through the differences we pointed out to find out which of the two ESCs is better for you. 

Good Luck!

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