What Happened to Great Planes Kits: Answered!

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You searched on Google about the Great Model Planes but did not find a single clue. You remembered your beautiful childhood days and sweet memories with the plane. 

So, what happened to great plane kits?

Unfortunately, the production of great planes has stopped. After buying the Hobbico company, Horizon Hobbies shut down the whole production. Some spare components are available in the market. And that means you can easily replace your old broken aircraft. But the kits are no longer manufactured.

We understand your pain. It might be a little bit shocking to you. You dive into nostalgia with your plane. 

Acknowledging that this may not be adequate evidence. And there is a piece of good news!

To know more than simply remain with us because we assist you in reliving the exhilaration.

History of Great Planes Kits 

Airtronics, great planes, and Hanger 9 are some of the most popular kit aircraft. Don Anderson is the founder of Great Planes Models.

Hobbico, Inc. produced and distributed hobby equipment such as radio control aircraft, boats, vehicles, helicopters, and drones. Plastic model kits, slot cars, crafts, model rockets, and games are among the other items available. 

The firm employed roughly 850 people worldwide. Hobbico declared bankruptcy status on January 10, 2018, and declared the firm was for sale. 

Horizon Hobby gained possession of the majority of Hobbico RC products on April 13. The company’s headquarters are in Champaign, Illinois.

The firm marketed over 150 popular hobby brands, including around 30 unique product lines.

Why Can’t We See Any More Great Planes?

Several models were withdrawn immediately just after the acquisition. Unfortunately for admirers of the Great Planes, its exclusive brand was canceled.

The reason is unknown because Horizon has not issued an official comment. The best logical inference is it was insufficiently lucrative.

But it is still mysterious what happened to great planes RC.

How to fix Broken Great Plane Kits?

Finding an excellent great plane kit will not be difficult at all. However, there is a slight problem.  The likelihood of the equipment completely working is minimal.

But don’t be concerned if it doesn’t work immediately. You can easily buy the parts for the planes. Hence, you may quickly repair broken parts on your jet and fly.

We’ll go over the most frequent issues you could have with your model plane. It should be enough for your troubleshooting requirements.

Damage on  Wings 

Firstly, inspect the wings for damage. Even minor damage might prevent the aircraft from flying. Restore the wings if they show any indications of deterioration.

Since Great Planes kits are no longer manufactured, changing the wings may be difficult. However, there is indeed a do-it-yourself solution.

But firstly, you need some materials. A sharp hobby knife, glue, and sandpaper are the must-have things.  Thin wooden planks with some plastic can also help you in this process.

Cut all around the dent with the hobby knife. Cut and smooth the plastic pieces into desired shapes. To stabilize the leftover plastic, glue the small wooden boards within the wing. 

The plastic components should then be glued to the wing. But be careful about using adhesives like gorilla glue or epoxy.

Problems at propeller

An aviation propeller, sometimes known as an airscrew. It transforms the rotating motion of an engine into a whirling slipstream. Hence, it propels the propeller forward or reverses.

First, inspect the propeller. There could be small holes or torn problems. 

If there are no visible symptoms of the damage, examine if it spins. If it doesn’t, get new propeller adapters and drive sets.

The Motor is Damaged  

You did everything and found that the plane is not working. Well, in that case, the motor is probably not functioning. Furthermore, it could be damaged. 

So check your motor properly. Sometimes the wires of the motor get loosened. Identify it and tighten it properly. If possible, cross-check the motor with batteries. 

But be careful about the model of the motor. Don’t get confused and debate over inrunner to choose or outrunner. Purchase a similar model with your plane. 

If it is not working, then change the motor. You can easily buy it from Horizon. Go to their website to know more. 

Controller Issues 

The last thing to suspect is your controller.

Firstly, just give a slap or two to your controller and check again. Sometimes it works! Just kidding!

Replace the batteries. If it fails, check to see if the aircraft and operator are on the same frequencies.

Another component of transmission that is sometimes ignored is traffic. Nearby aircraft on the same frequency as you may be going to pick up your signal.

Horizon continues to offer replacement components. Therefore, you may quickly repair any broken parts on the jet. But first, you must determine the nature of the problem.

And don’t get confused between the choosing of Frsky or Flysky. Make sure to confirm that the controller is functioning correctly.

That’s all you could do to repair a damaged kit. However, be mindful of water damage or nasal injury. If one of these conditions is present, the plane will not be able to fly again.

I Still Want a Great Planes Kit? What Should I Do Now?

If you want it, there is just one way you can do it. Discover those who have great planes model parts and accessories. And attempt to purchase that from them. 

Cheap second-hand kits abound in marketplaces. You might even be able to locate one partially assembled if you’re fortunate.

 Great Planes may have died, but plenty of parts are still available. 

Horizon continues to offer replacement components. Therefore, you may quickly repair broken jet parts and fly them to the moon.

Therefore, great planes RC airplane kits are available on the market.

For your convenience, we put a product table list of the components down below.

Product 1
Product 2


Is there any possibility of the return of Great Planes?

The answer is no. The company vanished after more than 5 years. Horizon took the authority and did manufacturing work. So, nothing could be said unless Horizon didn’t announce the return of Great Planes.

Were other popular brands also handed to Horizon from Hobbico?

Yes, the whole production brands to the Horizon.150 hobby popular brands. Furthermore, Horizon got around 30 unique product lines.

Can I Make a Plane with second-handed parts?

Yes, you can. Buy the parts from Horizon. And then assemble the parts from your experience. But make sure that every part is working properly. Otherwise, you will suffer in the long run.


So, what’s your think after reading this article? What do you think is why there is no great planes model?

If you know more, then tell us about what happened to great planes kits.

Besides, follow our strategy of solving the kits problem. 

Great planes may have vanished. Still, there are amazing companies out there. So, just go and pick yourself a kit that you like. Fly that around and have fun.

Best of luck!

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