RC Helicopter Charging Problems: Here Is How You Fix Them

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Flying RC helicopters are absolutely fun unless you come across a sudden problem with them. Sometimes a few users even fail to detect the charging issue. So, that is when the problem may deteriorate and create severe issues.

So, how do I resolve the RC helicopter charging problems?

The first to do is check the battery type. After this, you need to inspect the voltage of the battery. Do not forget to maintain the regular charging time of the RC battery. Finally, look out for any possible damage to your RC helicopter. If there are still issues, you may need to replace the battery.

You just come across an overview as a brief of the actual part. But going on reading you can get all the necessary info needed.

So, get started now!

How Do I Resolve The Common RC Helicopter Problems?

If you come over RC helicopter charging issues, it would feel really unsatisfying. Because you see all your RC and transmitter are alright. 

But you still can not run your RC helicopter properly. Because the RC just gets turned off too quickly. This happens due to charging issues like air hogs helicopters not being charged.

It would be something that you do not want. So, do I need to replace the RC helicopter for charging issues?

Well, no, you do not need to replace the entire device for an issue like this. Rather, you may just troubleshoot the issue and fix it accordingly. So, here you go with the solutions.

Troubleshoot 1: Check The Battery Type

First of all, you look at the battery type that you are using. Because not all the types of batteries are well compatible with RC helicopters. 

You know, a lot of RC helicopter users come up with regular or ordinary AA batteries, and that is where the issue arises. 

Because the ordinary AA batteries can not support the power of the RC helicopters properly. This is due to a lack of power limitation in these regular AA batteries.

In this case, you better use the Lipo batteries for your RC helicopters. Because the Lipo batteries are well off for the RC helicopters with the power limitation.

However, Lipo batteries may also have issues charging at times. In that case, you need to fix that. But it is not that common for these batteries to have issues.

Remember that there are a series of these Lipo batteries. As a result, you better check the manual to make sure you get the right one.

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So, once you get the right type of battery then there would not be any issues. But if the problem is with something else, you got to troubleshoot more. Move on to the next one for that.

Troubleshoot 2: Inspect The Voltage

The next thing to do is check the voltage of your battery. If you have got the right type of battery, you still need to check the voltage.

If your battery has not got the correct voltage, it would not be charging. So, you need to make sure your battery has got the right range of voltage.

Say, you have got 2-cell lipo batteries. So, this has to have a voltage of at least 6.6 volts. 

Besides, you may be having 3-cell batteries as well. In that case, you need to maintain at least a voltage of 9.9 volts.

For maintaining an ideal voltage, you can do another thing as well. That is, set the time of flying your RC helicopter after charging your batteries.

Make sure you set a time to fly it before the voltage falls to a limit. So that the voltage does not get below the least range that you set.

Determine how long it is possible to fly the RC within the voltage range. Do not exceed the time that you record for it.

You know today there are a few devices that include a warning light for this. This would be a very good thing for the users, especially if you are a beginner.

So, once you set the voltage limit properly, the issue would be resolved.

Troubleshoot 3: Maintain The Charging Time

One thing that many RC users forget is the charging time. A lot of RC users often forget to check the time when they are recharging it.

But remember it is something vital. The time it generally takes to charge is about 35 minutes. So, you better have a look at that. 

However, if you think the charging time of your Lipo batteries is longer, it’s okay. It may be a bit longer than 35 minutes which is around 45 minutes.

But if you think that charging more and more would be good, you are wrong. So, you must make sure that you do not overcharge the batteries.

Also, you need to make sure that your RC battery is neither less charged. Like, some people are kind of impatient when they are charging and remove it quickly.

In that case, the batteries are not well charged and this slowly damages the battery of your RC helicopter.

That is why you need to maintain the charging time of your RC helicopter.

Troubleshoot 4: Inspect Any Possible Damage

Sometimes, you may not notice or overlook any possible damage to your RC helicopter. Like, an amateur may be playing with the RC and get it into water. 

So, that is when your battery may be damaged by water. Because water getting into the battery of your RC would be really problematic.

The batteries would initially be having issues with the charging. But eventually, you would see that the batteries are entirely damaged.

So, you need to always check if your RC is going through any watery issues. Your RC helicopter should always be dry like without even any moisture in it.

Thus, these are the troubleshoots that you may try. Hopefully, you can fix the charging issues of your RC helicopter.

However, if you still find issues with it, you need to think of something else. That is, you may need to get a new pair of batteries for your RC helicopter.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can preserve a battery for backup. Because anytime you face any battery issues, you can use the spare one.

But do not preserve more than 2 or 3 batteries. Because these may get defected with time. Do not forget the conditions of storing your Lipo batteries.


How long to wait for my RC helicopter to charge?

An RC helicopter usually takes around 35 minutes to get charged. However, do not forget that it may take a little shorter or longer at times. But if you see that the charging takes way longer then there might be an issue. In that case, you need to get started troubleshooting it.

How do I understand if my RC helicopter battery is charging?

At first, you need to switch on the remote control. Then put the cord into the port. Once you start charging the battery of it, the light would turn on yellow. The yellow light would remain turned on while it is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the light would turn on red.

Can overcharging the RC helicopter be beneficial?

No, overcharging the RC helicopter would never be beneficial in any way. In contrast to that, overcharging rather affects the condition of your device. The battery would be damaged in time. However, the charging duration would automatically increase if the battery is already defective.

The Final Words

Now you know about the RC helicopter charging problems! You must not have any more confusion existing about this.

However, remember one thing about the RC devices – do not keep on running your RC for a very long time. Because this can be creating pressure on your RC and damage your device gradually.

So, try to maintain this and good luck!

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