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Which One To Choose Between XT30 vs XT60?- [Explained!]


A good connector is really important for any electric gadget. It will ruin your entire gadget if you don’t find a good one. You will find two types of connectors, which are XT30 and XT60. 

Now, you want to choose between any two of them. But before that, you want to see the pros and cons of these two connectors. 

So, do you want to know about the difference between XT30 vs XT60?

The XT30 and XT60 have many differences. The bullet size of the XT30 is 2.5mm, while the XT60 is 4.3mm. The XT30 weighs 1.7g, while the XT60 measures 6g. The Xt30 can withstand 30 amps, while the Xt60 can take 60 amps. For XT60, the connection resistance was 0.70mohms. For XT30, it’s .90-1.22mohms.

I have detailed information about every feature you want to know about. It will assist you in deciding which one to purchase. Without further ado, let’s get started with the topic. 

XT30 vs XT60: Quick Comparison

It is critical to understand the differences in order to make the best decision. You must do the same, just as you did with the differences between Traxxas and platinum.

The XT30 and XT60 comparisons are interesting despite the XT30’s shortcomings. Let’s examine some of the main differences between the two in more detail. 

Characteristics  XT30  XT60 
Size  Smaller  Bigger 
Amperage  Cannot handle more than 40 amps Can handle up to 60 amps
Weight 1.7g 6g
Wire size 20-26 AWG wire gauge 12-18 AWG wire gauge
Anatomy Male  Female 
Bullet diameter size 2.5 mm bullet diameter  4.3mm bullet diameter 
Preferability Smaller quadcopters Higher quadcopters
Price   Lower  Higher 

In the below chart, we saw a quick comparison between the XT30 and XT60.  But we believe it is insufficient, so we discussed a full contrast. We hope it will assist you in making an informed decision. 

Head-to-Head Comparison of the XT30 vs XT60 

The fundamental similarities between these two are clear. To make a well-informed choice, look over our comprehensive guide.


The XT30 is so named because it can help up to 30 amps. Up to 60 amps are supported by XT60. For smaller, less-powerful quads, the XT30 would be ideal. The heavier ones are filled with XT60.

According to the latest research, the XT30 can handle up to 60 volts. The wires must be appropriately thick. To complete this exam, you will need the following items: 

  1. a 16 AWG 
  2. soldering iron 
  3. voltmeter wires
  4. XT30

Rating for Connectors

Similar to wires, connectors have a current limit. To avoid placing a “bottleneck” on the system, make wise decisions based on the application.

When should you use the XT30? when at least 20 amps of current are needed. How about the XT60? when a current of at least 50 amps is needed. Don’t forget about your drones, please. 

Resistance in Wire

Wire resistance is critical, as seen by the comparison of EC3 and EC5. Resistance increases with wire thickness and vice versa.

In your xt60, wires up to 12 AWG are acceptable. Remember that a lower number denotes a higher value. 10 AWG would fit the bill perfectly.

Looking for wires? Here we have some good wire recommendations: 


You can use it in drones and other electrical things. These have good reviews and are quite reasonable.

Use wires of 16 gauge on drones that can handle up to 60 amps. The winner is the XT60. At 20 amps, the resistance of xt30 causes a voltage loss of 0.03 volts. It is significantly less for the XT60 model, at 0.009v.

Always choose silicon-based wires. Unsure of which to purchase? These are our top two picks for quality. 

Arrow Connectors

In contrast to the XT60, the XT30 uses bullets with a 4.3mm diameter. The smallest available bullets are probably 2.5 mm in diameter. The most common bullets are 4.3mm XT60 bullets.

The XT60’s diameter gives it a lot of adaptabilities. It can manage anything, including large RC motor-ESC links and charger inputs and outputs.

Between ESC and the engine, 2 mm bullets are frequently used on narrow helis and aircraft. Testing the ESC with a multimeter yields accurate results. 


Everything has a shelf life, just like all gadgets. Do you want to know which lasts longer, the XT30 or the X60? The XT30 connector uses less voltage and power than its equivalent. It has a longer lifespan as a result.

If used properly, the XT30 should last up to two years. The lifespan of the XT60 is one year. Maintain a little stress on your XT60; it should live longer than expected. How you use it determines everything. 


Which XT is the more expensive of the two? Since XT60 outperforms XT30 in almost every category, it should cost more.

A lot depends on where you purchase it. You could purchase the XT60 for almost the same cost as the XT30.  


The XT60 beats the competition because of its increased wire resistance. Also, the increased amperage and perfect bullet diameters. It’s the best battery plug for your drones.

The type of drone you are flying will determine all of it. If you use lighter ones, Xt30 will work nicely. XT60 should be chosen for drones that need high voltage.

To sum up, we suggest the XT60 for all of your drones. 


What is the purpose of the XT60 connector?

XT60 connections are among the easiest to solder. Because they provide plenty of space between opposing solder terminals. Heat shrink is still required to insulate the negative and positive terminals. These are low-amperage connections that were previously highly common. Especially with electric RC cars, trucks, and boats.

Are the XT60 and XT90 interchangeable?

This handy converter cable transforms an XT60 battery into an XT90 connector. By simply inserting it in—no messy soldering is necessary! It’s the ideal complement for chargers with the XT90 connection.

Will a larger battery speed up the RC car?

Absolutely! Your Lipo batteries are quick, strong, and oh-so-wonderful for giving your RC vehicle a boost. Changing the wheels, altering the gear ratio, and upgrading the engine and batteries are excellent methods. To increase the speed of your RC car. 

How many volts can my remote control car withstand?

The popular combinations are two cells at 7.4 volts and three cells at 11.1 volts. You may be able to utilize 4-, 5-, or 6-cell packs depending on your model. And the voltage it can handle again, verify the power-system specs.

Wrap Up 

Did you get your desired answer about XT30 vs XT60? I bet you did. I attempted to cover every area and answer all of your queries.

You may now purchase connectors based on your preferences. Also, you will not have to be worried about wasting your money. If you have doubts, visit showrooms and look for the reviews. 

That’s all I have to say about it! Best wishes with your electronics.

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