promark gps shadow drone troubleshooting

Promark GPS Shadow Drone Troubleshooting [Explained]


Having a hobby such as flying a drone is liberating. It gives you the thrill of the sky while staying safely on the ground. You can also be good at competitive flying as well. The Promark GPS shadow drone is a versatile drone you can have.

But before buying this classic, you should know about the Promark GPS shadow drone troubleshooting.

Not being able to fly even when the blades are running is one of the main problems. Change the blades in this case. Shaking and unstable state in flight is another problem. Check the balance calibration then. Again, if the light is flashing then change the batteries or check the syncing problems. 

Like what we have in store for you? Well, no need to stay put! Let’s dive into the details.

The Promark GPS Shadow Drone: Problems, and Solutions 

The Promark GPS shadow drone is an older version of the current drones we can see. But it has gained popularity. The fact it is highly customizable makes it a golden grab for all drone enthusiasts. 

But you can face problems with it. Just like sky rover helicopter troubleshooting. So, let’s get into the details.

Problem 1: Drone Light Flashing

You might get into this situation while using your drone. The indicating lights in your drone would flash constantly. Also, it can lead to the issue of the drone not responding to any commands. This increases the risk of crashes or accidents as well.


This light flashing issue happens when your Promark GPS shadow drone controller is not properly synced with your drone. Syncing problems happen when you rush the controller commands. As well as, it can indicate the wireless transmitter might be faulty.

Another reason for this problem to occur can be the batteries. If the batteries have insufficient power. Or a faulty battery can lead to low power. This is why the syncing cannot work properly.


Syncing issue is fairly a common problem for drones. Just a quick re-syncing setup can solve the issue. But if you find that it has not been fixed, then a full system reboot would be needed. For that follow the Promark GPS shadow drone manual.

And if the issue is occurring because of the battery, then recharge your batteries. You should always keep an extra battery pack with you. Because in the case of LiPo batteries, you can have charging issues.

As a piece of advice, whenever you have a low battery, you can swap it with the new one for a longer flight time.

Problem 2: Drone Cannot Take Off While The Blades Spinning

You are trying to fly your drone. When you start spinning the blades of your rotors, you can see it is not going up. Meaning that your drone cannot do the takeoff procedures. This problem can lead to you not being able to fly your drone at all.


The drone cannot take off even when the blades are spinning. This issue happens when the blades of the rotors are distorted. That leads to the drone having an insufficient lift. Making it unable to fly.

Also, a low Promark GPS shadow drone battery could result in less power on the rotors. Making it not achieve lift-off. Malfunctioning batteries can also lead to this problem.


If the blades are distorted, the best option would be to replace the blades. As these rotor blades are made cheap, replacing them is the most economical way. You can also have the chance to upgrade them through this opportunity.

There are several types of off-market drone rotor blades that can be found. Here are some of our recommendations.

Product 1
Product 2

These rotor blades are durable and give extra performance to your drone. Having them will enhance your drone flying experience as well.

If the issue is with the batteries, then we would like to refer you to keep a charged battery beforehand. Or replace the faulty battery with a new one. Go through the Promark GPS shadow drone website for details.

Problem 3: The Drone Shakes Heavily

While in the air, you might see your drone is not in a stable flight. Rather it is shaking very much. This could lead to your drone crashing and damaging itself. Or worse, it could lead to a bad accident.


The common reason your drone would shake while flying would be distorted blades. As well as, having a poor weight balance. If the balance of the drone is not properly calibrated, the drone will shake a lot.


If the blades are distorted, then we would recommend going through the solution in problem 2. Replacing the blades will be the best option. 

But if it is a problem with the balance calibration, then you will need to recalibrate it. It is a simple process now. Just follow through with the Promark p70-GPS drone manual. You will be done and have a perfectly stable drone while in flight.

In these rotor issues, the debate on 2-blade vs 3-blade rotors does become relevant as well.

Problem 4: Drone is Unstable After A Crash

Suppose you had a horrible day flying your drone. Having a shunt with it on some wall or wire. That led to your drone getting crashed. Now even after you have done replacing the crashed parts, you are still dealing with an unstable drone.

This can happen due to some issues within. We have pointed them out.


Even after you have replaced all the crashed parts, the drone may stay unstable. This is due to the internal damage within the sensors or logic board. It also can occur due to the three-axis sensor acceleration losing its balance as well.


If the problem is with the sensors and logic board, then you will need to replace them. Working on them for repair is just a waste of time. Because it takes longer and costs more. It is better to use a new part.

The problem with the three-axis acceleration sensor can be fixed with a recalibration. Just simply resetting and re-calibrating the drone using the Promark GPS shadow drone app. And you will be ready to fly again. 

And that is all we have to say about this topic.


Do you need WiFi for a drone?

Drones, even those from the greatest drone manufacturers, don’t really require Wi-Fi to fly. Wi-Fi will be required, though, for further functions or while installing flight apps. The majority of drones require a program to operate, that’s the only time Wi-Fi is required.

What kind of signal do drones use?

Drones communicate by transmitting radio waves at certain radio frequencies known as bands. Devices employ radio frequencies ranging from 20 kilohertz (kHz) to 300 gigahertz (GHz) (GHz).

Can police detect drones?

Acoustic sensors are qualified to identify all sorts of espionage drones. Since all drones create noise as they fly, even the quietest ones can be identified when their propellers begin to make a sound.


That is all there is to discuss the Promark GPS shadow drone troubleshooting. These fairly common problems can make your drone experience bad. So, by following our solutions, you can easily solve the issues. And have a great time flying.

If you find the problem to be too complicated, seek help from a professional.

Till next time, happy flying!

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