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Inav Vs Betaflight – Choose Your Pick!


Firmwares perform some basic tasks as intended. But what could be the best firmware for a drone, is a serious confusion! 

iNAV which stands for Indicative net asset value, is the measure of net asset value (NAV). Whereas, Betaflight is a firmware that focuses on the flight performance of fixed wing and multi-motor craft. Certain features make the difference between them.

iNAV has a strong navigational capacity but betaflight gives the best service. iNAV has a waypoint of mission planning upgrading consistently. But it lacks the modern fight features of freestyle and racing drones. Contrarily, betaflight is on top for its new features that target racing quadcopters.

This information may be vague to you now. I have discussed more feature differences in the article. This might help you erase your confusion about inav vs betaflight. 

Let’s get familiar with those!

Inav Vs Betaflight: Short Comparison

iNAV and Betaflight both fork from cleanflight and thus share some similarities. But they have many dissimilarities as well in their features. 

If iNAV is good at some points, betaflight lacks that. Again, where betaflight is good at freestyle, inav attracts RC pilots. But that’s not it. They have many other differences too.

Some notable dissimilarities are mentioned here- 

Users Navigators, RC Pilots. Racers, acro/freestyle pilots 
GPS Full capabilities like MultiWiiCopter’s i2c-GPS modules, DJI NAZA, Ublox, NMEA, and multiwii’s i2c-nav board. Rescue mode (Return to home)
Filter Strategy Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) Notch Filters
Primary Focus Navigation-geared Performance-driven
Accelerometer and Gyroscope calibration Compulsory optional

Due to these features, usability purposes of iNAV and Betaflight differ and dominate separate attributes. 

Inav Vs Betaflight: Extended Comparison

Naming the features won’t be possible to give a proper idea about iNAV and Betaflight. To know more about the features and their different uses, we need to know in detail.

So, let’s dig into it!  


Betaflight works with a wide variety of FC targets. Moreover, it has a lot of features for experienced racers, acro or freestyle pilots, and people in the field. 

Betaflight is still open-source, has a large community of contributors, and receives regular updates. You can also set up the firmware yourself in Betaflight. But still, betaflight has limited capabilities. 

And, iNAV when used in drones, informs the navigation every 15 seconds. Which is random and faster than the betaflight upgrade. It is far superior with missions and cruise mode. But the connection of proper hardware is required. 

Winner: inav wins.

GPS mode

iNAV has full GPS capability like MultiWiiCopter’s i2c-GPS modules, DJI NAZA, Ublox, NMEA, and multiwii’s i2c-nav board. It beholds 7 GPS modes. These 7 GPS gives a better navigational experience to the user. All the 7 GPS of iNAV are used for different purposes by default.

Betaflight lags behind in this sector. It has only one feature, rescue mode. This mode helps the drone return to its respective place automatically. It’s usually used as a failsafe degree while the radio signal/video feed is sketchy.

Here, both win as for different important purposes they are used.

Filter Strategy

iNAV uses Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) algorithm as its filter strategy. Out of the box, iNAV does an outstanding job in navigating due to EKF. The supply of quicker processors has enabled more advanced mathematical algorithms. It is implemented to estimate the orientation, velocity, and position of the flight automobile.

A notch filter is used in betaflight for rejecting the noise. The motor can be 2 poles or 4 poles in the drone. The motor noise can be reduced at some specific frequency band in a more effective way. Notch filters are now rarely used in flight firmware. 

A difference in filter upgrade is visible here. Yet, if you prefer navigation more, iNAV is perfect for you. But if you emphasize reducing motor sound, betaflight is a good choice. It’s a win-win situation.

Primary Focus

iNAV is basically navigation-geared. It emphasizes navigational competency to support a large range of vehicles. iNAV makes the proper use of all its sensors to access and merge data. It calculates velocity, speed, and position every 15 seconds.

Whereas, betaflight emphasizes performance, racing, acrobatic mode, and FPV. It is fully performance-based. Betaflight at present is the important FPV flight controller firmware like in quadcopters. Its performance depends on its better throttle that works with the controller. 

So, the Betaflight quadcopter’s throttle control is important to ensure its high performance. 

Between iNAV and betaflight, betaflight offers rich flight performance. So, for better flight firmware betaflight is good. And iNAV wins for focusing on better navigational purposes.

Accelerometer And Gyroscope Calibration

For iNAV it’s compulsory to calibrate acceleration and gyroscope. A 6-step process is needed to follow the calibration. The key sensor of the iNAV firmware is the accelerometer.

However, for betaflight users accelerometer and gyroscope calibration is optional. Following only a single step, the betaflight users may sometimes calibrate.

Which One To Buy: Inav Vs Betaflight

After the overall comparison, now which firmware to choose?

The massive achievement of firmware is where it has stability. Betaflight has the richest performance due to its stability. That proves it is one of the toughest FC firmware to learn and use. On the other hand, iNAV is relatively stable. It supports FC boards more.

So, is iNav better than Betaflight? Well, that depends on what purposes you are looking for. If you emphasize performance, betaflight wins in giant strides to iNAV. 

Betaflight is a go-to open-source firmware used in almost all FC boards. iNAV differs here because this firmware is good at navigation. It’s flexible, more stable, and great for a flexible flight experience. It’s used in remote-controlled vehicles as well.

So, in inav vs betaflight, which one to buy? Well, firmware serves different purposes in different fields. You cannot choose a firmware by seeing its features only. Rather, in which field it can work better should be the priority. 


What flight controllers does iNav support?

iNAV supports MATEK F405-WISE and Matek F765-Wing Fixed Wing. Similar flight controllers are there that support iNAV. To support the latest iNAV version, buy an F4 or F7 processor.

What flight controllers does betaflight support?

Remote control manufacturers are mostly supported by Betaflight. They are- FrSky, Graupner, Spektrum, DJI and Flysky. A number of protocols control ECS that including PWM, OneShot, DShot, ProShot, and MultiShot.

Does Betaflight support fixed wing craft?

Yes, it does. Betaflight is a firmware that supports flying multi-rotor and fixed-wing craft. Betaflight is racers, acro/freestyle pilots’ first choice firmware.


Thus, you must know by now which is better in inav vs betaflight. Both the firmware is better for different fields. 

Firmwares are important for low-level control of specific hardware of a device. This hardware is used for basic operations and running applications. If iNAV is good for navigation, then betaflight is for performance. Choose what you prefer. 

This is all about iNAV and Betaflight. Let me know if the information was enough for your query. You can leave me a comment here. Enjoy!

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