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Gorilla Glue Vs Epoxy: Which One Sticks Better?


Tough contests in remote-control racing may make your vehicle parts fall apart. You need the right glue to make it stay strong. 

It is not easy to find the right product when there are so many in the market. The best remote-control racers like you need the best products out there. 

So let us compare the best two – gorilla glue vs epoxy.

Epoxy shows more promise with better PSI figures and better tensile strength. Although Gorilla glue loses out in the sustainability feature, it is more cost-friendly. Gorilla glue also has more product variety compared to Epoxy. Although, Epoxy is still mostly recommended for its durability. 

To understand the value of having the best glue at your disposal, we shall go in-depth. 

With clear and easy language, we shall describe which one is best for you.

Gorilla Glue Vs Epoxy – Basic Comparison

Features Gorilla Glue Epoxy
PSI 4250 5000 – 6000
Tensile Strength Moderate Strength Stronger
Moisture Resistance Waterproof Waterproof
Sustainability 1-2 Years 3 Years
Cure Temperature -40°C to 100°C -150 to 170 °C
Varieties  More Less

There are six important features that set the two apart. The differences are not so big, but a few points need to be addressed.

Gorilla glue vs Epoxy – Detailed Comparison

We are going to highlight six essential features of the two types of glues. With that, we will figure out which one stands to be a better choice for you. 


First of all, in order to compare the two, we will look at numbers. PSI is determined by the levels at which the glue bonds to the material. It is amazing that we can calculate the specific numbers of the bond.

Science has gone a long way! 

Anyways, the epoxy glue has the formula of 5000 to 6000 PSI. Epoxy has a higher number than Gorilla glue. Gorilla glue attains the formula of 4250 PSI. 

Comparing gorilla glue vs epoxy on plastic, metal, or other materials, epoxy shows a stronger bond. However, compare Gorilla with other products like Jb Weld, you will see a different picture. 

Both the glue types bonds well in any material. Taking the PSI formulae into consideration, epoxy bonds well with metal. Better than gorilla glue.

Gorilla glue however does a good job bonding with plastic. If you have to put glue on a plastic surface, use gorilla glue. Gorilla glue is more cost-friendly than epoxy. 

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is determined by the ability not to break while put under a certain force. Having a better tensile strength means not being disturbed by the tension. 

If the glue is not strong enough, the materials would break when a force is applied.

Comparatively, the Epoxy glue does a better job of having better tensile strength than Gorilla. However, Gorilla does not lose out while comparing with products like jb weld.

So, let’s say you want to break apart or bend a certain material. If the surface has epoxy glued in, you have to apply more force. This shows that epoxy is the right glue mixture

Most remote control vehicles are made of metal. Without a tight fit, the RC vehicles may compromise in terms of performance. That is why it is recommended to use Epoxy on metal surfaces.

Remember, if you are using Epoxy, the clamp time is 90 minutes. This means you have to wait 90 minutes for the Epoxy glue. Within this time, the glue would clamp or register to the surface.

Gorilla does nos not take that much time. It resolved within 60 minutes. However, it is not a big deal.

If you are more patient, find more satisfaction with the Epoxy glue.

Moisture Resistance

Both glue brands shows promise when it comes to moisture resistance. Gorilla glue Epoxy waterproof means having water on the surface will not deduce the bond strength. 

Let’s say you have glued in new tires to your RC vehicle. You may have a good time competing in the street. 

In this scenario, the tires won’t come out when exposed to outdoor elements. A good RC setup guide will help you perform better.

After a tough battle in the street, when exposed to muddy surfaces, the bond remains tough. You will not also face difficulties while cleaning the vehicle. If you want to use water and a towel, you can do that easily.

The bonds won’t break, no matter which surface it is, metal or plastic. 


After looking through the gorilla glue epoxy review, you are spending some cash. The money is spent to build one thing – which is “trust”. The trust is coming in terms of how sustainable the product is. 

You would definitely want the bond to last as long as possible. Also, you want the surface of the materials to act normally. You want to be worry-free when you are having a fun time with the RC vehicles. 

Epoxy is showing more sustainability than Gorilla glue by lasting longer with more strength. Epoxy has the good promise of being able to sustain for as much as three years. Gorilla does not do a better job since they sustain for only one to two years. 

In order to be more satisfied, you may consider spending extra on epoxy for longer sustainability. 

Cure Temperature

When the glue is applied on metal or plastic surfaces, it takes some time to cure. This means the time taken by the glue to fully dry the surface. 

The gorilla glue epoxy cure time is determined by the ingredients used to make the glue. In this context, Gorilla and Epoxy have different methods of hardening the surface. 

With Epoxy, you might be using resin and hardener to mix. This is for the purpose of gluing it to the surface. After sticking the mix, you have to wait 24 hours to dry itself fully.

Here the cure temperature comes in. Keeping the glued vehicle at a certain temperature level would allow the bond to be better.

Epoxy is sufficient with a broader range than Gorilla. The number is -150 to 170 C and -40 to 100 C respectively. 

Gluing with the Gorilla products is easier, you just need to apply it to the surface. There is no need to mix with any other ingredients. 


The varieties of Gorilla glues are more in number than the Epoxy resins. You can find plenty of different types of Gorilla glue brands in the market. 

Epoxy is usually more expensive than Gorilla glue. Usually, the Epoxy resin products are available with added items.

Epoxy is sold with an entire package involving several kits. These kits are used to apply a certain mix in order to make the glue stronger. For this reason, the prices are usually high. 

With more varieties, different Gorilla glue brands are available to suit different needs. For example, some brands are good for plastic. On the other hand, some are good for metal surfaces. 

Product Features Link
J-B Weld 50112 ClearWeld 5 Minute Set Epoxy Syringe Good compatibility with plastic, metal, and wood. Check Now
Bob Smith Industries BSI-201 Quik-Cure Epoxy 130ml bottle. Good for bonding wooden surfaces. Does well with plastic and metal also.  Check Now
J-B Weld 8265S Original Cold-Weld Steel Ability to bond stronger than steel. Good compatibility with metal and wood.  Check Now
Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue Strong and Versatile. Cost-friendly option for bonding metal or wood. Check Now
Gorilla Clear Grip Waterproof Contact Adhesive Provides a permanent bond to plastic, glass, or wooden surfaces. Check Now
Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel Fair impact resistance and strength. Glues plastic, leather, and metal. Check Now

Here we have listed three Epoxy products and three Gorilla products. Check out the price ranges to see which one suits you better.


Which of the two types of glues is easy to apply?

The Gorilla glue is easy to apply. The Epoxy glue comes with many ingredients that are needed to be mixed. This is a time-consuming process. 

What happens to the glues when the surface is wet?

Since both the glue types are waterproof, nothing happens when the surface is wet. A wet surface does not disturb the bonding, no matter how fresh it is. 

What are the benefits of spending extra for Epoxy?

The benefits of spending extra for Epoxy are simple. Epoxy has added advantage over Gorilla Glue in terms of strength, cure temperature, and sustainability. 


A detailed understanding of gorilla glue vs epoxy is what you needed. Hope we have done a fair job at making you feel good about your choices. 

We wish you all the best with your RC vehicles. Hope you compete harder with the best products at your disposal. 

Good luck!

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