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Futaba vs Spektrum: Time to End the Radio Dilemma!


To perfectly control your RC, a good radio is mandatory.

However, choosing is pretty tough.

And it really becomes a hard nut to crack when it comes between Futaba and Spektrum.

So, Futaba vs Spektrum, whom should you choose?

One thing that makes Futaba famous among its users, it has a strong connection system. With FHSS and FASST signal domain, the radio signal barely gets interrupted. However, when it comes to software, Spektrum deserves the spotlight. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use. Even for any novice!

However, to figure out the perfect radio for yourself, you will need a more in-depth idea.

That’s what this article is all about. Once you are done with it, you can easily guess the perfect radio you might need.

Off we go!

Futaba vs Spektrum: Head-on-head Quick Analysis

The first thing to look at is the major features of both Futaba and Spektrum. That is all about this quick comparison.

Overall, these are the features Futaba and Spektrum will give you:

Features Futaba Spektrum
Signal type FHSS, FASST DSM2, DSMX
Interface Complicated Simple
Grip type Strong Strong
Price Around $1,000 dollars Approximately $500 dollars
Bind N Fly feature Unavailable Available
Best for DJI quads Horizon Hobby RC

So, these are some of the features of Futaba and Spektrum we get to see in quick peek.

Now, time to go for a more detailed view.

Why? To figure out the winner for you of Futaba vs Spektrum transmitters of course!

Futaba vs Spektrum: Detailed Discussion

Now both Futaba and Spektrum are good. It’s just as tough as comparing Truggy and Buggy.

So, to actually find out the perfect RC controller between them, an in-depth comparison is necessary.

This will clear out the major distinctions between Futaba and Spektrum.

Signal Type

Well, what’s the first that will pop up in our mind when speaking of radio? Obviously, the signal it uses to transmit data!

Futaba RC transmitters mainly use two types of radio signals. One is the frequency hopping spread spectrum or FHSS. And the other is the FASST.

With the help of these two types of signals, Futaba makes a strong connection with the RC.

While you are using the RC on the ground, Futaba controllers use the FHSS signal to communicate the RC. And while in the sky, the controller switches to the DSSS signal type.

Now, you may wonder why Futaba radios have reliable connections?

It’s because of these signals. Both FHSS and DSSS are strong signal codes. They are able to reduce the noise of the signal to the least.

Plus, the FASST protocol also gives a wide range of signal control, as said earlier.

With such a strong and wide range of signals, you won’t lose control of your RC. Ever!

Now, let’s have a look at the Spektrum controllers. Although Futaba is famous for its strong signals, it’s not like Spektrum has poor connections.

The Spektrum RC transmitters use two types of signals. DSMX and DSM2. These signal domains ensure that the signal of the radio does not get interrupted by any noise.

Plus, these orders of the signal allow you to send signals to multiple transmitters at the same time. Without collisions of the signals of course.


Now a radio won’t be of any use. Unless you have RCs you can use them.

Spektrum radio can be used with a wide variety of RC. It has a Bind N Fly feature.

With this, you will be able to fly most of the Ready-to-fly RC aircraft.

Not only that. Previously we have seen that the Spektrum controllers use DSM2 signals.

Thus, the transmitter of the Spektrum radios works perfectly with the new Spektrum receivers.

In Particular, you can use this radio for the DSSS signal core. And that covers a lot of drones!

In the case of Futaba, this radio can also be used with remarkable numbers of RC.

However, the Futaba transmitter does not have the Bind N Fly. Unlike, you cannot fly the RTF aircraft with this radio.

Nevertheless, this does not make Futaba any less than the Spektrum. S-FHSS, T-FHSS, FASST all these recent models of RC operate perfectly with the Futaba radio.

Also, there’s one other thing for which Futaba is widely used. You can operate the DJI drones pretty well!

So, if you have those bigger drones of the DJI, Futaba radio is something you can really use.

Speaking of receivers, if you are looking for Futaba compatible receivers, check this out:

Product 1
Product 2

They are the best right now in the market. Why don’t you give them a try?

User Interface and Display

The user interface of the radio is a major thing to consider. Based on this, you may find some radios comfortable to use. Others may not.

Futaba has a very rich user interface. It has a graphical display. You can customize the display between various options. At the same time, the radio also enables you to customize the signal’s transference.

Along with the display, there’s also a primary switch, pointing gauge, and multiple circuits for operating.

Undoubtedly, all these features at the interface make it a bit complex to use the radio.

Now compared to Futaba, Spektrum offers a very friendly user interface. Especially beginners who can feel comfortable using it.

You can say it is just like Traxxas vs Arma where Traxxas is easier to use for a novice.

First of all, the interface of the Spektrum is less crowded than the Futaba one. You won’t

Have to worry about getting lost in the consoles!

Plus, Spektrum radios have a flexible clamp. Thus it is easy to handle the radio with ease.

Moreover, the Spektrum has a voice guiding assistant. This assistant will lead and help you while operating the RC. Thus, it makes it very easy to maneuver your aircraft!

Final Decision

Well, time to pick one.

From the above discussion, it’s pretty obvious that both Futaba and Spektrum are good radios for RC.

Futaba may have a bit of a complex interface. Still, the signal it sends is pretty strong. Also, Futaba is a good option for operating large quads.

Or, you can go for Spektrum as well. Spektrum radios have a very friendly UI. Just perfect to use for any beginner. Plus, it’s reasonable in price as well.


Can I Run Spektrum with Futaba?

No. You cannot use Spektrum with Futaba. The reason is pretty obvious. Futaba and Spektrum work on different domains of the signal. Spektrum radio works with the DSSS series of signals. On the other hand, Futaba radios work on the FASST series of signals. This Spektrum is not compatible with Futaba.

Can I Use The FrSky TFR8-S Receiver with Futaba?

Yes. You can use the receiver with Futaba.  Any FrSky receivers work perfectly with Futaba. The reason is that FrSky supports the FASST 2.4G mechanism. And it is the signal series on which Futaba radios work. Therefore, the FRSky TFR8-S receiver is compatible with Futaba FASST 2.4 GHz systems.

Is There Any Distinction between DSSS and FHSS?

There are differences indeed. FHSS avoids the noise of the signals by using channels. FHSS uses three channels simultaneously. Then it switches within the channels. This way, barely signal interference occurs. Whereas, DSSS uses bandwidth instead of channels to avoid breach of signals.

Time to Wrap up

Well, that’s mostly all I had on Futaba vs Spektrum. Hopefully, you have enough ideas to choose the right radio for yourself.

If not, don’t worry. You can go to any Futaba or Spektrum users. They can clear out your confusion for sure.

Oh! Almost forgot. Got an RC competition to attend!

I shall take my leave then. Goodbye.

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