difference between c2 and c4 batteries

Difference Between C2 And C4 Batteries: Find Your Required One!


C-batteries are very common to everyone. We use it on a regular basis. Like- toys, remotes, and some more. 

Now we want to purchase a C-battery. But I’m confused about which one to pick. C2 or C4? As we do not know the differences.

Want to know the difference between c2 and c4 batteries?

There’re some substantial variations between C2 and C4 batteries. C4 batteries are generally more effective than C2 batteries. They also have a longer lifetime. It makes them a wiser option for those who require a battery to last a lengthy moment. C4 batteries are typically more costly than C2.

This is just a gist. Let’s talk about it in more detail so we can get a better idea. 

No more postponement!C2 And C4 Battery Differences: A Sneak Peek

You might well have got to hear about C-batteries from mates. Or, you may have already known some basic information about them. Perhaps enough to entice us to buy?

For me, the response is emphatical NO. We must do more investigations because we intend to use it in gadgets. Inadequate expertise can exacerbate the situation.

Let’s compare the features of these two battery types to see how they differ!

Attributes C2 Battery C4 battery
Maximum output 2A 4A
Charge and discharge 30 minutes for charging and discharging 15 minutes for charging and discharging
Power output Will operate for 30 minutes at full power. Will operate for 15 minutes at full power.
Heat effects If charged on maximum voltage for each use, it will warm up quickly. If charged on maximum voltage for each use, it will warm up quickly.
Life span Shorter than C4 Higher than C2
Charge Ability Reduced capacity to hold a charge Higher capacity to hold a charge
Price Less than C4 Higher than C2

These are some basic differences that will definitely be going to help us to make our decision. 

C2 And C4 Battery Differences: A Detailed Comparison

Do you know the basic distinctions between C2 and C4? What do C2 and C4 mean? If no, then know it first. 

C4 refers to a bundle of 4 C-type battery cells. C4 batteries are identical to C batteries because their single entity is identical to a C-type battery.

A C4 battery has an ability of 1Ah and an actual power of 4A. They are typically 50 mm long and 26.2 mm wide.

C4 batteries are often used in devices that require a series of 4 C-type batteries. Such as gadgets, handheld radios, timers, and so on.

C-rates regulate the charge-discharge rates of a battery. A battery’s ability is frequently rated at 1C. It indicates that the rechargeable battery provides 1Ah per hour.

The very same battery discharged at 0.5C needs to provide 500mA for 2 hours and 2A for 30 minutes at 2C.

These are the basic distinctions between these 2 batteries. You may need to check which one works better for 2 poles motor or 4 pole motor.

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Power Output

Given that C is a percentage, the mathematical value attached indicates that the number magnifies to C. 

So if you have a C2 battery with a potential of 1Ah, you will get an output of 2A.  Meanwhile, a C4 battery provides 4A of maximum output power.

Winner: C4 with higher power output capacity. 

Time Required For Charging And Discharging

Another distinction is the computation of power during charging or discharging. A C2 capacity is 1Ah which takes 30 minutes to recharge. That means it will charge for 30 minutes and then release for 30 minutes.

Contrarily, only 15 is needed for a C4 battery to charge. It indicates that the C4 battery provides 1Ah per 0.25 hours. 

The charging time is short if the rating is high. And for higher power output, the strength is shorter. 

Sometimes the battery may lump so you might need to depuff a lipo battery

So now that’s out of the way, let’s see what else these fuel cells have to offer.

Winner: Tie as C2 takes more time to charge and discharge. On the other hand, C4 takes less to charge and discharge. When it comes to discharging, less time is not efficient. 

Substitute And Running time

When it tends to come to our RC, there is one important detail to remember. We should charge them at reduced amp rates regardless of power rating.

This implies that if we have, say, a 4 Ah battery with a C2 rating. This implies we can charge it twice as fast. This is not a smart option if done repeatedly.

When capacitors are charged gradually, they have a longer life expectancy.

The lesser the amp rate, the more runs we can get out of a single battery. This way, our battery will last a long time before it needs to be replaced.

Production of Heat

If the C power supply is heating up, it could be for the way we charge it. You may need to know about C battery functions to understand why they’re heating up when working. If we continue to charge our batteries at full capacity, they will rapidly heat up.

This can also occur if we discharge our battery at a high rate, as in C4.

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict

If maximum speed is our primary objective, the C4 is the way to go. A C4 should provide plenty of strength and torque over small distances and in drag races. Just ensure to charge it gradually for longer battery life.

If we’re more worried about heat, go with a C2. This is due to the fact that the more electricity produced, the more heat is dissipated. As a result, a C2 is a better option here.

In comparison to a C4, it will charge and discharge steadily, allowing for fewer heating concerns.

Before purchasing either, exercise caution. After all, we want the best RC battery voltage possible.


Can C Batteries Be Recycled?

C-batteries, like other current battery sizes, can be reprocessed. Local authorities in some parts of the UK recognize batteries in benchmark waste disposal offerings. Others require taking the used batteries to a recycling facility or distribution center to maintain adequate discharge.

How Long Can C Batteries Be Used?

A C battery can have longevity measured through its concept and size. You can also measure the power efficiency of the gadget in which it is used. A basic 1.5V LR14 battery usually endures for over 18 hours with a rate of 200mA expulsion. Milliamps are 1000 of an amp, the fundamental unit of electrical charge.

How Does A C2 Power Supply Appear?

In layman’s terms, the CR2 battery resembles a mini version of D Cell Batteries or cans. These battery packs have multiple uses. They are primarily used in cameras. It requires a high-capacity lithium battery, as well as in a number of engineering applications.


We are now clear about the key difference between c2 and c4 batteries. 

Do check for its charging, running, output and temperature when making the purchase. You may read out all the articles thoroughly to understand their performance and cautions.

Let us know if you have more queries. Stay Safe!

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