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Brushless Motor Stuttering [Reason and Solution]


Brushless stepper or servo motors are utilized in assembly robots to position parts for assembly. It is also used as a tool for manufacturing processes like welding or painting. 

For commercial orientation and actuation purposes, brushless motors are used. Linear actuators can also be driven by brushless motors.

But sometimes your brushless motor can stutter. Why is your brushless motor stuttering?

Brushless motor stuttering is a common problem. A low-quality battery can cause it. A poor wiring job or a wrong joint of the connector can also cause it. Hard acceleration or overtopping the motor can be a reason too. To solve it, you may need to change the battery or do the proper wiring job. 

In this article, you will know the reason for the stuttering of the brushless motor. You will also learn how to solve it.

Brushless Motor

Brushless electric motors are synchronous motors built in a variety of physical configurations. There are many advantages of a brushless motor compared to a brushed motor. But it also has some disadvantages too.

How a Brushless Motor Works

A brushed motor’s brush and commutator mechanism has a number of drawbacks. The brushes produce friction, the brush-to-commutator contact has some electrical resistance. And the electromechanical shifting of the current causes sparks, which can cause radio interference. 

Brushless motors avoid these issues by eliminating the brushes and commutator. As a result, there is higher output capacity for a constant amount of input power, as well as less electrical interference.

Just a two-pole rotor, as well as a two-slot stator, are seen in actual brushless motors. Most brushless motors on the market include at least four major poles. And a stator combines with nine or more slots.

A  potential two-pole three-slot brushless motor that corresponds to the two-pole three-slot brushed motor for comparison reasons.

A DC Brushless Motor features an external permanent magnet blade, and three stages of operating coils. It has one or even more Hall Effect devices to measure rotor position and associated drive electronics.

The drive electronics activate the coils in response to stimulation from the Hall effect sensors. And they work as three-phase synchronous motors with their own adjustable speed electronics.

Disadvantages of a Brushless Motor

The downsides of a brushless motor include that it is prone to fail due to electronics. Because the manufacturer normally does not provide for electronics repair. One of the common problems is that the motor keeps stuttering.

You also may get some vibration. And the motor can’t make a full rotation of the propeller.

The stuttering may also turn into severe damage to the motor as well as the vehicle. It can also cause failure.

Why is the Brushless Motor Stuttering?

When you apply a little throttle, it runs for approximately 2 seconds before stuttering. And then it comes to a halt. This can happen if the motor’s voltage is too low. Sometimes the ESC or the hard acceleration can cause stuttering.

It usually signifies that the battery isn’t providing enough power to the motor. One of the leads of speed control may not be connected to the brushless motor. 

This could also happen because of the poor joint of the leads to the connector or motor. Similar symptoms can be seen in a heavily over the propped motor.

The sensor of a brushless motor doesn’t work properly. You can choose between a sensored or sensorless brushless motor.

These could be the reasons behind the stuttering of the motor. It can be really annoying for the user. It hampers work concentration and balance. So, it’s very important that you solve this issue.

How to Fix the Stuttering in Your Brushless Motor?

There can be many reasons behind the stuttering of your motor. Different reasons require different solutions. 

First of all, stop operating the throttle on the power system right after the stuttering. If you stop right after, you will save a speed control. It will also save you from further damage.

You can also add ESC to your brushless motor. It’s very easy to connect esc to your brushless motor.

If you have some problems with the bullet connector to your motor or speed control. If you didn’t plug it in, plug in the proper connector. You have to fix the wiring and place them in the perfect place.

Sometimes it needs a reboot to work properly. So, you can disconnect all the wirings, then reconnect everything again. 

There can be problems with the mismanagement of the product. Because of a faulty machine or any part, it may occur. So, you need to find the faulty part and replace it with a new one.

A higher voltage battery, such as a 3s lipo, would be helpful. You can discharge and balance on the lipo checker thing. Lipo battery’s discharge rate is higher than the regular one. It lets the heat come off and balances the thing.

Here we can recommend some amazing voltage batteries for your brushless motor. You should definitely check them out.

Product 1
Product 2

Moreover, if you face any other problem, you can check out the user manual script. 

Where Can the Brushless Motor Be Used?

Brushless motors perform many functions. But the expense and management complexity prohibits brushless motors from totally replacing brushed motors in low-cost sectors.

Electric cars, hybrid automobiles, personal carriers, and electric aeroplanes all use brushless motors. Brushless motors are used in the majority of electric bicycles with the stator solidly. It’s attached to the axle and the magnets are attached to and rotating with the wheel.

Self-balancing scooter wheels work on the same basis. Brushless motors are used in the majority of electrically driven radio-controlled models due to their excellent efficiency.

Therefore, that’s all about it. If you want to know anything else, comment below!


Why is the brushless Motor pulsing?

A damaged connection in one of the three motor wires is frequently the cause of pulsing like that. It could be in the solder joints of the connectors where the flexible motor leads are connected to the motor windings, or it could be inside the motor windings themselves in the worst-case scenario.

What is the reason for brushless Motor cogging?

One of the most prevalent causes of cogging is incorrect starting current settings. This is particularly true in apps that have to start up quickly.The motor windings will fail if there is too much heat in the motor. Increasing the amount of power coming into the motor at starting can give it the extra oomph it needs to avoid cogging.

Can you burn out a brushless motor?

I have yet to burn out a brushless motor in this manner. Brushless motors have no break in. Because the poly coat protection on the winding can fail. It will heat up the motor too much. And for this, it will fail quite instantly.


I hope you have learnt all about brushless Motor stuttering. Brushless motor serves you many facilities. But when it shutters, it sometimes becomes irritating.

But in this article we have explained why it can happen. And the solution of the problem. Therefore, by this you can fix the stuttering by yourself.

Have a nice day!

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