Battery Vol Err Cell Connect

Battery Vol Err Cell Connect – 3 Reasons And Solutions


Cell connection error in the battery is probably one of the most unwanted things to you. But the irony is you may have to come across this several times.

But what are the reasons for battery vol err cell connect?

This error can occur due to the imbalance within the cell. This means that the cells inside the battery are not evenly charged. This can be a circuit board problem as well. If the circuit board breaks, this problem will show up to you. However, you can solve this problem easily with some techniques.

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3 Reasons for Battery Vol Err Cell Connect

Although you might feel clueless about the error in batteries, you can find the reasons here. We’ve listed down the 3 most common reasons for battery vol err cell connect.

Finding a solution is the next step after identifying a problem. And we know how worried you can get looking for solutions. That’s why we’ve included the solution as well. So, let’s move further into the details.

1. Battery Cells Lost Connection

This might be an indication that the cells are not connecting with the charger. Despite being connected internally, they might fail to connect to the charger.

This improper connection happens when the charger’s circuit boards are damaged. In that case, the charger itself is at fault. The balance leads fail to connect to the circuit board of the charger. 


This problem is more focused on the charger. So, fixing the charger here is all you need. A multimeter can help you locate the damaged pin on the charger. Then you can solder it to restore its functionality.

If you’re looking for multimeter and soldering machines, we can help. Here’s a list of some trusted brands that will provide you with quality products. Please check them out.

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In case you get a warranty with the charger, it will be best to avail of that. Or else, you can get it replaced as well. But that will cost you. So, choose the convenient one that suits you well.

2. Lead Connections Going Wrong

This looks almost the same as the previous reason. But this can occur due to different battery types and charger types.

Suppose you’re using a charger of a specific type. But the batteries are of other types and they are balanced differently. In that case, your battery will show a cell connection error. Here neither the battery nor the charger is at fault. The balance leads are just not being able to connect with your charger type.


The solution is simple here. And that is to balance the cells in the battery pack. In other words, you’ll have to make the cells equally charged or discharged. You can do this work with the help of a cell balancer.

Take a cell balancer and connect with the battery pack. Don’t forget to connect the positive and negative sides properly. Initially, there will be 2 LEDs lighting up in the cell balancer. But all the 3 LEDs will light up when the work is done.

3. Disconnection In The Circuit Board

There may be disruption between the circuit board and the positive and negative poles. Due to this, battery cells don’t get the connection and it shows a cell connection error.


You’ll have to create a bridge from the breaking point of the circuit to the main connection. You can use copper wire for this work.

This joint of copper wire will complete the circuit and restore the connection.

So, these were the 3 reasons for the cell connection error of the battery. So, make sure to avoid causing them even if you’re charging the battery without a charger.

Some Tips for Prevention

There are easy fixes for voltage cell connection errors. But if you prevent it beforehand, that’s smart. Prevention keeps you away from such occurrences in the future.

We have brought in some tips for you in this regard. Please have a look at them below.

  • There are two additional cables that come with the cell balancer. You can connect them with your battery charger while charging. This will help the cells to always receive a balanced charge.
  • When you make the bridge with copper wire, make it by following the previous track. Also, use a voltmeter to measure and keep the voltage in check. Thus you can avoid such situations in the future.
  • Use the recommended specific type of charger for your battery. Also, use the correct charging mode for your battery. For example, don’t use NiMH charging mode for charging your LiPo battery.

Thus you can prevent such situations from occurring. And always stay careful about electrical connections.

Make sure to ground the electrical connections before you do any work. Especially, when you’re dealing with circuit boards, stay careful. Call the technicians if the problem seems complex to you.


Can a dead Lithium-ion battery be recharged?

Yes, you can recharge a dead Lithium-ion battery. There are specific tools for doing the job. Use them to revive your battery. However, they can be very unstable, so they should be handled appropriately.

What’s the lifetime of LiPo batteries?

There are no specific lifetime or expiration dates for LiPo batteries. They will serve you as per your use. However, you may experience a performance drop if used extensively. Generally, this performance drop occurs after 16-18 months of use.

Can you use a puffed LiPo battery?

You can use a puffed LiPo battery if the puffing is minor. And if the puffing goes away after the battery cools down, it’s safe to use. However, you should keep the battery in check. Also, avoid using it if the problem exists on a large scale.

What is the operating voltage range for LiPo batteries?

The voltage range for LiPo batteries is 3.2 V to 4.2 V. That means, any lesser voltage than 3.2 V can permanently damage the battery. And any higher voltage than 4.2 V can potentially explode the battery.

Can freezing help the battery to recharge?

No, freezing the battery doesn’t help to recharge the battery.

We know high temperatures increase the battery discharging rate. And that’s why they’re stored in the freezer. But it doesn’t recharge them. However, it helps to retain the existing charge on the battery.


Hope you got the proper explanation about battery vol err cell connect. Now let’s wrap up the discussion here.

Cell connection errors may annoy you, but it’s an easy fix. So, just give it some time and you’ll be done with the work. That’s all from us.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any more questions for us. 

Have a good time and take care.

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