2 pole vs 4 pole motor

2 Pole vs 4 Pole Motor: Which One Is Good For You?

Brushless motors are useful for an ultimate remote control experience. The number of poles, therefore, plays a vital part to detect vehicle performance. 

Since brushless motors come in various shapes and sizes, we will look at two variations.

A deep 2 pole vs 4 pole motor comparison would solve many equations.

The 2 pole motor is considered to be more efficient because of its better speed. However, the 2 pole motor with a lower torque capacity is only suited for lightweight cars. If you own a bigger and heavier car, you should look at the 4-pole motor. Perhaps a cost-friendly approach is better.  

To understand more about the two poles, we shall go deeper into the features. With a clear analysis we shall figure out which one is good for you.

2 Pole Vs 4 Pole Motor – Basic Comparison

Features 2 Pole 4 Pole
Electromagnets 2 (1 north and 1 south) 4 (2 north and 2 south)
Mechanical Power More Speed Less Speed
Torque 1.5 lb-ft 3.0 lb-ft
Heavy Power Not Suitable Suitable
Pole Shape Cylindrical Salient
Rotor Performance Completes One Cycle Completes Half-a Cycle

Here we have looked at six important features. These features are key to which both the poles are differentiated. 

We will go further into determining what sets the two poles apart.

2 Pole Vs 4 Pole Motor – Detailed Comparison

After highlighting the six features, we are going to look at each of them. A detailed understanding of the features is done here. With that, we will see which pole gets a better review. 


An easy way to describe the electromagnetic aspect is by using numbers. A two-pole motor has a two-end configuration. The aspect is one north and one south.

2 pole motor has 2 magnets and the 4 pole motor has 4 magnets.

A four-pole motor has twice the configuration. This means the aspect is two north and two south. 

The efficiency level of different motor poles is determined by electromagnetism. There is an inverse relationship in the efficiency level.

Since 4 pole motor is drawing more electromagnetic force, it consumes more energy. The 2 pole motor is more efficient in this aspect with less energy consumption. 

Due to less energy output, the two-pole motor is more budget-friendly. This saves a lot of money for the user. There is more value for money for the 2 pole users. 

The advantageous part of the 2 pole motor is that it is speedier. With more magnetism, the 4 pole motor does not perform well in terms of speed. 

Since the 2 pole motor speed is higher, it is more fun for many racers.

RC racing becomes more enjoyable when you are speeding faster!

Mechanical Power

The 2 pole vs 4 pole motor speed comparison is more refined. Simply with the electromagnetism aspect, we can determine the speed level.

A two-pole motor spins at 3600 rpm. Whereas, a four-pole motor spins at 1800 rpm. This is for a 60hz power supply.

For, a 50hz power supply, there is a different number. Here, the two-pole motor would spin at 3000 rpm. The four-pole motor would therefore spin at 1500 rpm. 

The 4 pole motor rpm is lower than the 2 pole motor. There is a direct relationship between rpm and speed. 

The more the rpm, the speedier your vehicle is. Different sizes of brushless motors have different rpm.

With this relationship, the 4 pole motor is losing out. Simply, why would you want to spend extra? You can be more cost-efficient with better speed. 


More poles mean more torque capacity. Again, the torque capacity and the efficiency are inversely related. Two pole motors with lower torque capacity win in the efficiency race.

However, speaking of efficiency, what does it really mean?

Efficiency is determined by the ratio between power output and input. For example, you want to be hassle-free using your remote control device. 

You definitely want to be putting less effort into the remote control to speed the vehicle. You can do that with the 2 pole motor with a lower torque capacity. It is making the rotations per minute higher than the 4 pole motor. 

The 2 pole vs 4 pole motor torque comparison is relatively simple. The 2 pole motor consumes less energy. This is the reason why you need a less voltage battery that is cost-friendly. 

However, the torque capacity being low, 2 pole motors are suited for lightweight vehicles. 

Heavy Power

The 4 pole motor has an advantage over the 2 pole motor. It is more suitable for heavier and bigger remote control cars. The speedier 2 pole motor loses out when it comes to bigger vehicles.

The 4 pole motor with more torque capacity, consumes more energy. For that, you have to spend extra on batteries. 

This is the reason why many consider 4 pole motor to be less efficient. By spending extra, you are not running faster.

However, if you have a bigger remote control vehicle. In order to ensure its durability, you may need the 4-pole motor.

Maintenance is easier with 4 pole motor. For 2 pole motors, you may need a gearbox for its maintenance. With 4 pole motor, you don’t need a gearbox. 

Brushless motors need ESC to perform better. There are many different brushless motors and ESC combo. Find out which one suits you better. 

Pole Shape

The comparison of 2 pole vs 4 pole motor can be extended with the pole shapes. This is where we will compare a cylindrical and salient shape. 

The two-pole motor is cylindrical and the 4 pole motor is salient. 

The salient pole is more stable. This means the 4 pole motors are durable due to the cooling system. 

The 4 pole motors have a cooling system attached to them. The cylindrical 2 pole motors do not have this feature. 

However, the salient shape of motors may have a shortcoming to the mechanical power. It does not allow the motor to speed that well. As we know that the two-pole speed is faster.

The 2 pole vs 4 pole motor efficiency levels depends heavily on speed. The more you are able to control the speed, the more efficient the motor is. 

Rotor Performance

Rotor of the 2 pole motor is able to complete one whole cycle. This is for every cycle of the source. 

For every cycle of the source, the 4 pole motor completes half a cycle. 

This is the reason why the 4 pole motor consumes more energy. The rotor of the 4 pole motor turns 900 times for every half cycle. So, the 4 pole is consuming twice the amount of energy. 

The 2 pole motor is losing out at a certain aspect. A low-speed 4-pole motor has advanced control over rotor balance. 

Without proper control over rotor balance, the 2 pole motor is noisier. 

The 4 pole motor is not loud and noisy as the 2 pole motor. So with a smooth run, 4 pole motor is winning out in this area.


Why is 4 pole motor not faster than 2 pole motor?

The 2 pole motor is speeding faster because of its signal capacity. Using the same signal the more electromagnetism in the pole, the less speed it has. 

Which pole motor is more durable?

Comparatively, the 4 pole motor is more durable. Since it is salient in shape, it has more damage control ability. 

What does a cooling system do?

A cooling system is good if the motor overheats due to high humidity. The 4 pole motor has a cooling system and the 2 pole motor does not. 


We have given a detailed discussion over several features to give you a good answer. A deep 2 pole vs 4 pole motor comparison is what you needed. 

Hope this helps you find out which one you should buy.

We wish you all the best!

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